New PES Details and Screens Emerge

I used to be a massive Pro Evo fan. I argued with those idiot FIFA-loving simpletons that thought having the right insurance company’s name on the front of their accurately-named player’s shirt was more important than playing a game that ebbed and flowed like real football. I knew they were fools.

But then the PlayStation 2 Pro Evo that I loved turned into the PlayStation 3 Pro Evo that wasn’t really at the match. There have been a couple of close calls during this console generation but it’s probably fair to say that I joined the legion of silly FIFA fans as that series started to care as much for tactical simulation as it did for haircut representation.


PES, though, is changing. Last year’s was fantastic – almost back to the heights of the series for me – and the team’s obvious commitment to improving the important parts of their game is hugely encouraging. PES 14 is coming with a new engine – Kojima’s Fox Engine – and it looks gorgeous, as the screenshots below will attest.

It’s not only about the visual upgrade though, PES is getting a host of new physical and tactical improvements. TrueBall Tech is what they’re calling their focus on the ball as the centre of everything that goes on. It’s improved ball physics, naturally, but it also takes into account the size and stature of the player when it determines how the ball reacts.

In what feels like something of a “backronym”, they’ve got the Motion Animation Stability System (MASS) that will govern player’s interactions with each other – collisions and shifting momentum as well as decision making by AI that will mean you’ll need to be smart to unlock a defence.

With their new “Heart” system, individual performances of star players will impact morale on the pitch – and so will the enthusiasm of the crowd. PES ID, the system that introduced tailored animations for 50 star players in last year’s release, is back with double the amount of players included.

Team Play is the name they’re giving a system that enables you to create very localised tactical interactions between groups of three or more players in a particular section of the pitch. Use it to set up varied tactical instructions like curving runs and overlapping plays specific to one section of your team.

Finally, they’re promising a more free-flowing game with the cut-scenes removed and the improved graphical fidelity in every aspect.

It all sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it?



  1. They really shouldn’t get quite so close with the camera there…

    Lovely crowd effects, though.

  2. Cut-scenes removed! Best change yet!

    • Absoutely! That’s one of my biggest gripes with football games along with their terrible 2D crowds.

      I just want to play football, so getting rid of the needless endless replays and unskippable cutscenes is a godsend for me.

      • Every new version of PES I get, it is the first setting I look to see if they have included it!

  3. fox engine on the ball, nice touch :)

  4. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that the screenshots really do not do PES 14 justice? They look very rough indeed, but as Teflon said, the crowd effects look nice and atmospheric.

    Used to love PES on PS2 but this gen I have been purely a FIFA guy. FIFA 13 pissed me off in many regards though, so this year I’ll have a good look and play of both PES 14 and FIFA 14.

    Also, as a Spurs fan I’m disappointed in no Gareth Bale for the FIFA 14 cover. Absolute beast.

  5. PES 13 was the first time for years I never got it on release day. I still haven’t played it either but I’ve gotta say I’m pining for it again add Fifa 13 didn’t have something just not right with it. So I’m thinking PES 14 on Ps4 will be a ideal time to get back in to it.

  6. Loved PES2013! It didn’t look as pretty as FIFA but for me played so much better. It seems to flow better and rewards you for hard work, rather than feeling cheated or facing glitchy AI in FIFA.
    Looking forward to the Fox Engine and what it brings to the table, but please Konami – do not make any radical changes to 2013’s redeeming gameplay.

  7. The player models kind of look like crap, if you ask me… :/
    Showing an ugly bunch of Bayern München players is not helping their cause. :P

    • They look like PS2 models to me in some way. Love Lahms Team America style puppet mouth.

  8. I agree, I used to love playing PS2 PES with my mates.
    Every Friday at Sixth Form used to play out the same: One lesson from 10am till 12pm. Down the pub for 12.30 then onto games of PES after a few beers. Great way to start the weekend :D
    Haven’t checked out the series for a few years but I may have to check out the inevitable X1 version.

  9. Biggest issue that there’s no next-gen PES? Open market for FIFA on PS4 and XO then.

    • They probably want to be extra, extra sure that they don’t fuck up another console generation change, right? PS2-PS3 was a mess for several years, giving themselves an extra year to get comfortable might make all the difference (and next-gen install base isn’t likely to be a great loss in terms of RoI until 2014).

  10. I used to love PES on the PS2 but the PS3 version have all had game killing faults for me. Even the much improved PES13 has a major flaw and that is that is almost impossible to score from a crossed ball or from a header. Makes the game very repetative hence why i went back to FIFA.

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