Tales Of Symphonia Set To Return On PS3

Tales Of Symphonia, one of the finest games in the ‘Tales Of’ series, is set to make a return in glorious HD early next year. The release is currently entitled Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles, and will also include the previously Wii exclusive sequel Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


The original Gamecube title appeared in 2004 and was one of the system’s best third party titles, and as the Playstation 2 port never made it out of Japan it remains a much sought after game.

With the release on PS3 the game will finally be able to be experienced by a wider audience, and marks its first appearance on a non-Nintendo platform. Tales Of Symphonia’s graphics are, as with the rest of the series, bright and colourful and perfect for a HD release, whilst the game itself is a hugely enjoyable RPG.

The announcement was made by series brand manager and producer Hideo Baba at Namco Bandai’s annual Tales of Festival in Japan, where it was swiftly picked up by the dedicated ‘Tales Of’ facebook community.



  1. i’m always up for another RPG.

  2. Easily my favourite of the Tales series – shame that it’s next year though as I’m likely to be concentrating on PS4 by then…

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