The Last of Us Multiplayer Screens and Video Released

The Last of Us is going to be a big deal for PlayStation 3. Naughty Dog has excellent pedigree on the platform and, although our review isn’t allowed to be seen until tomorrow, I don’t think it’s going to annoy anyone too much if I tell you it’s certainly not going to be a massive disappointment.

We’ve published more detailed impressions of the multiplayer here so if you want to read about it, check that out. If you just want the trailer, that’s above and the screenshots are in a handy gallery right after this boring paragraph of silly text you’re only still reading out of courtesy.

Get excited, PS3 fans, get very excited…


  1. I’m still unclear on the whole “build your clan to 40 people” thing

    So is this a traditional clan system where it’s 40 other real people.

    Or is this some kind of clan of AI characters where you have to do certain things in-game during multiplayer to support them (e.g. find food/supplies, points bonuses, win bonuses etc) and they reward you with things like upgrading and crafting

    And how that links into the clan specific challenges (survive 12 weeks, different things happen each week and so on).

    I’m stumped, do you have any clarification on how this all works?

    • EDIT – Not getting any sound so not sure if it was explained in the video?

      • Wasn’t really explained in the video, no.

  2. Looks hot.

  3. Don’t know why, but every time I see previous videos/teasers/images and then some gameplay it reminds me fast food advertisement: those tasty hamburgers in the photos vs the stuff they serve us…

  4. Apparently it scored 10/10 with Edge Magazine, making it only number 15 to do so the last 20 years. I have a feeling I know what score TSA is giving, and it’s not a 9.

    Multiplayer could be cool, but I hope Sony doesn’t milk it like it did with UC3.

    • Out of curiosity, How was UC milked? A trilogy is not milking, 1 was meh, 2 epic, 3 could have have been epic if it wasn’t shown too much. But I don’t think it was milked. A trilogy is acceptable

      • I think he meant that the UC3 MP specifically was milked. I kind of agree with him. All of the massive amounts of micro transactions etc. I thought the game was turning into Team Fortress 2 for a bit with it’s raging fetish for hats.

      • Yeah, just the MP portion of it. Love the series.

    • “I have a feeling I know what score TSA is giving, and it’s not a 9.”

      It’s not?

      • Your Dogtanian avatar expression completely reflects your last statement lol

      • Heh.

      • I find your lack of faith most disturbing.

    • I think Tsa will give it a 9. Think listening mode will be the main negative.

      • I’m guessing abilities like that will be a ‘perk’ which to me kind of makes sence if you’ve put some time into MP.

    • The MP was great for the first year, right until they decided to dump all those micro transactions into it. Never played it again, and I doubt I’ll be investing any money on MP this time around.

  5. A bit unrelated but I was just watching that Gameinformer video on Halo: Spartan Assault and there was a link at the side for ‘The Last Guardian E3 trailer’ with only 233 views, indicating that it’s been uploaded today. Clicked on it and it said ‘this video was removed by the user’.

    Just thought I’d mention it, so brace yourself for a trailer soon.

  6. I really can’t wait :-)))

  7. Looks quite fun. Listen mode still makes absolutely no sense though and definitely should not be in MP :(

  8. Looks like somehging i’ll jump on-board for. I do like how they Incorporated the crafting into the MP.

  9. this MP looks a lot better than Uncharted to be fair. I said yesterday it looks the same but I think I was massively wrong. This looks fantastic.

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