News Snatch: Unicorns, Stick It To The Man And EA’s E3 Surprises

Welcome back to your highly irregular round up of gaming news – I’m a tad busy at the moment hence the lack of Snatch. However, I do have twenty minutes free now though so let’s see what I can thrust into your facesockets, starting with a trailer for a 3DS game, Mighty Switch Force.

The Killer Is Dead premium edition will ship with DLC called “Beauty & the Beast & The Lingerie.” The game includes vampires, talking unicorns and “a man who stares at Mondo with sharp eyes.”

It’s Japanese, just go with it okay?

The latest patch for Guacamelee! has a bit of a problem which means the DLC has been delayed. If your copy of the game has stopped working due to the patch head here for a fix.

Apparently there will be a “HUGE surprise” today for Saints Row IV – so insert your own massive dildo jokes here. Oh now I’ve gone and said insert massive dildo, don’t let your grandma see this.

I mean, see what I have written, not let her see you… – oh this is getting worse, quick, onto the next news item.

The launch trailer for Remember Me. Read Peter’s review here because he is correct and those other silly sites who called the game ‘pretentious’ need a good slap.

It appears that Killzone: Shadow Fall will not retain Killzone 3’s local co-op. The freshly revamped lists only a single player.

The site also has a large section on Killzone Mercenary including details of all the multiplayer maps.

Special Guest time, and it’s one of favourite contributors, Michael Pachter. He thinks the PS4 will retail in the US for a suprisingly low $349 with the Xbox One priced at $325. Let’s hope gaming’s own Mystic Meg is correct this time.

DICE have teased an E3 surprise so everyone please remember to look surprised when Mirror’s Edge 2 is shown.

Some salacious gossip from the recent The Last Of Us preview event as heard by me. Naughty Dog were talking about the game and said (and I’m paraphrasing here because it was two weeks ago and I had a beer in my hand), “We showed the game to the other team at Naughty Dog”.

That means after the completion of Uncharted 3 Naughty Dog kept that two team structure and which means they have been working on The Last Of Us and something else. All eyes on E3 then.

Meanwhile in Bloody Stupid News the demo of The Last Of Us will remain as an exclusive to fans of Kratos.

“The demo is only available for God of War Ascension disc owners. We have no plans to release it otherwise,” commented Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog.

And Finally, coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita is Stick It To The Man, a game in which you have a 16-foot long appendage waggling about from your head. Steady on!


  1. NOOO! Guacamelee DLC delayed :( My favourite game so far this year

  2. Looking forward to Killzone Mercenary, liking the the look of the multiplayer maps and I’m glad they’ve kept Warzone mode too. I just hope the release date on their site is an error, I thought it was 06.09.13 not 06.10.13.

  3. Whaaat! – i thought TLoU demo was just a timed exclusive for GoWA owers .. :O
    I’ve been saying all along how i would need a demo to fully convince me this game is something i’ll enjoy playing. All eyes on the review later so – perhaps that will be enough to convince me.

    Stick it to the Man looks quite bonkers, looking forward to seeing more of that.

  4. if not for the video, i might have suspected you made up the game about having a 16 foot appendage coming out of your head. ^_^

    as it is, it looks pretty interesting.

    and great choice of music.

  5. ‘Stick it to the Man’ looks utterly bonkers! Awesome. :-)

  6. Stick it to the man looks brilliant and funny too. Will be keeping an eye on this.

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