Sucker Punch Shows Off PS4 Tech In Latest Dev Diary

Since the PS4’s grand unveiling back in February, Sony has been wheeling out developers and industry icons to big up the console’s technical and creative highlights.

In this latest video, lead by Brian Fleming and the team at Sucker Punch, we are shown how the studio creates realistic facial animations by harnessing the power of Sony’s next gen console.

Though it gives an insight into Second Son’s technical wizardry, there’s nothing new here in terms of footage. One thing that some may not have picked up on during the original reveal is that Troy Baker, of Bioshock Infinite and The Last Of Us fame, will be lending his voice and likeness to the game’s lead protagonist, Deslin Rowe.



  1. So far I think this is the only game for the PS4 that I have no interest in. Whilst everybody else seemed to praise the first inFamous I didn’t like it at all and thought it looked like a PS2 game. The way the enemies seemed to all move and attack the same like they were on table football reminded me of the enemies in Rolling Thunder lol

    • Well, I didn’t really like the first inFamous either (stopped playing early, didn’t impress me), but I did like nr. 2 a lot more!

    • I didn’t like either of them. It was fun for an hour then I got bored. Hopefully this one can be a bit better

      • Loved them both can’t wait for this.

    • Funnily, I got bored towards the end of the ifrt one and never touched the second game but I’m very hyped for this installment. Killzone SF, however, I will probably only play because it will be shiny (30 FPS? Booo!). Tried 1 and 2 and I’d put them in the same box as Arkham Asylum (worst game of this gen for me…).

  2. I enjoyed both the first games thoroughly (platinum’d both). Looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into this and the new character.

  3. I loved the first 2 so this will be a day one for me.

  4. Yeah it’s quite difficult for me to find time to finish a 3rd Person Action game, but I found the time for both of the InFamous games. The facial animation here looks pretty cool! I’m really excited for E3, to see a bit more of what the next gen’s capable of.

  5. Love both inFamouses but i cannot STAND Beenie hats. Awful fucking things. Lose the hat, you’ve got enough power to do hair now. I do not want to play some hippy chav.

  6. Troy Baker’s the main character? Awesome! I like him more already. Also, I agree with fluffy Tuff (I don’t know) he needs to lose the hat, pronto.

  7. Is it just me, or did that guy near the beginning remind anyone else of Steve Carell?

    Slightly disappointed that Troy Baker continues his hegemony of all the male leading roles in games. It would be nice if there were a third or fourth go to guy for video games, but alas, it’s just Nolan North and Troy Baker, wonderfully talented as they both are…

  8. Troy Baker is the new Nolan North.

  9. Day one :-)))) loved all three games so far. Festival of blood was properly ace :-)))

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