PS4 F2P Love In Continues With A New Warframe Story Trailer

Here’s some more footage of Digital Extremes’ rampantly popular hack-n-slasher, Warframe, that focusses on the stories that are possible in this nice deep universe. This is touted as the world’s fastest growing F2P game and it’s coming to PS4 “this fall” so that’s either immediately at launch or very soon afterwards. This one has support for that touch surface on the DualShock 4, too. Lot’s of swiping going on, we’d imagine.

PlayStation 4 and Free-to-play are most definitely sitting in a tree at the moment. Good, free games that are available around launch? Yes please.


  1. Press X to Ninja

  2. I’ve been playing Warframe for the past month on my PC and can thoroughly recommend it. Graphically very good, warframe abilities are varied and useful, the stunts and manouverability of the warframes are great fun (wall running ftw), and the weapon mods give you plenty to play with in terms of weapon customisation.

    If it has one negative, its that there is repetitiveness in the level design but as its classed as an open beta, they’re constantly adding new stuff and to be honest, familiarity helps you get around some of the levels!

    If it ports well to the PS4, I think you’ll enjoy it especially as it will probably have had a couple more major updates before then :)

  3. What a lovely trailer. Not quite sure what was going on but the moves were great and the old guy’s face had bags of character.

  4. Looks really nice. Right up my alley.

    • You may wanna rephrase that with the likes of bunimo lurking around :)

  5. Well Planetside 2 has kept me away from my PS3 & XBOX (my MAG replacement) for the past seven months. God of War I’ve only sniffed at and Gears is still in its wrapper.

    I hope I can use my existing character(s) with the PS4 version.

  6. Does anyone else see that the character “Tenno” has the same name as the Dark Sector character “Hayden Tenno”, and has the same suit. If this is a reboot/remake of Dark Sector; then I’m getting it.

  7. i was expecting the story trailer to have a little more, well, story. ^_^

    looks like something i’d like, i had a quick look at a gameplay video to see what it would actually play like.
    i know my pc wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance of running it, so a PS4 version could be good when/if i get one.

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