Community Chronicle: 09/06/13

It might be all of the E3 conferences tomorrow, but for many of us, it’s all about the Canadian Grand Prix tonight. Easily my favourite track in an F1 game, and often quite an exciting and action packed race, which is always a good thing to see.

But before then, we have the rest of this article to occupy a few moments of your time. A momentary distraction from how there aren’t supremely fast cars driving around on your TV screens!

My back up plan this week was to give you all a sneak peak from a totally unverified “source” and their “eye witness” account of what the PlayStation 4 looks like. Admittedly, my artists interpretation wouldn’t have been particularly good, so you’ll be glad to hear that gaffer101 stepped in to share his set up with as us all instead.

As is customary, I’ll hand over to the man himself to hear what he’s got:

From left to right we have my Turtle Beach PX5 headset, my Vita, my PS3, and a selection of games. I don’t have a big collection, since I prefer to play, complete and trade. Far right we have my Pioneer surround sound, topped off with my Sharp 47″ plasma. Hidden in one of the drawers are my Singstar mics and Move controllers.

My son has my Xbox 360 in his playroom, but he’s asked if he can have my PS3 when I get a new PS4.

Below my console rig, is my shiny new laptop, which I mostly use to play DayZ and a few other Steam games. I’m not a big PC gamer but there are just some games that work better with a keyboard and mouse.

If you too feel sorry enough for me, and want to prevent my regular Saturday afternoon begging sessions, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

My week was filled with the sounds of trophies, as I quickly finished off my play through of Book of Spells on Sunday afternoon. Then Monday saw the Velocity Ultra patch go live, allowing me to connect psychically with the Futurlab team to know when it was ready to be downloaded, and get myself TSA’s fastest record. I also seem to have maybe the 6th fastest platinum in the world… maybe.

Oh, and I got to play Diggs Nightcrawler too, which was an utter delight to play, I must say. Full of charm, but just an incredibly short game, which I was able to zip through in around 2 hours! There’s a second or third play through, should I want the platinum though, which I certainly do.

Alongside my Velocity Ultra, we have a flurry of other fastest platinum claims out there. BadBoyBoogie went after Insomniac’s latest, Fuse, whilst Samiro05 nailed a fair few perfect laps for Grid 2’s fastest. McProley managed to get the record for Two Worlds 2, as Crazy_Del finally polished off PAYDAY: The Heist, with the following message of thanks:

Just got PAYDAY: The Heist Platinum and it’s the fastest as well! Well chuffed with it and have to Thank B_Cambo, AjK99 and our 4th player – a random!

Which just goes to show that the average online gamer does have a place in co-op games!

Del also polished off the last of his 10,000 kills online in Resistance 2, for that particularly cruel online trophy, as his PAYDAY compatriot B_Cambo took the Guacamelee platinum. I absolutely agree with him, that it’s a lovely and amazing game.

Blackredyellow finished off his Uncharted: Golden Abyss platinum, on the Vita, as taylor made also got a platinum on the little handheld. He called the game “Zero Virtue Rewards”, but was hazy enough about the title that I looked it up and discovered that he actually meant Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward!

As ever, it’s not all about the platinums, and KeRaSh epitomised this with runs through Thomas Was Alone and Hotline Miami, enjoying the latter much more than the former. Tactical20, meanwhile, played through Homefront, and felt he got his money’s worth for the £5 he put down for it. JohnnyBoy finished a run of Crysis, and rounding us out we have Youles, finishing one of many runs of Dead Space 3. I’m sure that it was a “Classic” run means something to someone, but I’ve no idea!

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the full trophy leaderboards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Cool set up, what’s the white speaker? Is it a speaker or a dock.

    “He called the game “Zero Virtue Rewards”, but was hazy enough about the title that I looked it up and discovered that he actually meant Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward!” That’s what I meant to say :p

    • Lol don’t answer me, I just read the brief description

  2. I will send you some rig pics mate!

  3. Indeed looking forward to Canada at 19:00, hopefully Hamilton can stamp his mark in this one!
    Quick mention for round 4 of the British Touring car championship at Oulton Park live on ITV4 this afternoon. *cough* not GRID 2 :( *
    Neat rig mate, good policy with the play, complete trade…..nothing worse than a shelf full of backlog.
    Well done to everyone on some very impressive accomplishments!

  4. Nice tidy setup you have there, gaffer101. What is it that your laptop is sitting on, a mini desktop of some sort? Looks neat, i might want one of those :)

    • It’s a laptop tray from Argos. All the fun of PC gaming whilst sitting on your sofa.

  5. Oh and will you be reviewing Diggs Nightcrawler teflon? Either way i’m looking forward to finding out more about it.

    • I might do. Maybe once E3 has blown over. :)

  6. From a wider community perspective, I have to say, the people playing Payday on Steam are a good bunch. I’ve had many games with random folk and only one person who was full of attitude. Thankfully, I think it’s because it’s a co-op game and there’s no versus. Still… lovely fun attempting the harder challengers and secret vault in the first heist.

  7. I was reading back on this and relised that I have been giving credit for a Platinum I do not have lol I am sorry if i have caused some confussion teflon but I would like to comfirm that i do not have the Guacamelee Platinum.

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