Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Unveiled

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer was unveiled at EA’s E3 conference today, with a particularly impressive battle played out with 64 players on PC. No doubt we’ll see similar spectacles on console, but that’s for another time.

The demo featured a map set in a city bay and showed off all the aspects of the air, land and sea battles which the game is set around. A lot of vehicles were on show, from boats to jet skis and attack helicopters to tanks, as a five man team ventured into the city.

That’s an extra man per squad, and in some regard seems to tie in with commander mode, which returns from previous games. The commander can see the overall battle and is able to play via a tablet by utilising Battlelog’s presence on mobile platforms, making BF4 part of the current trend of ever connected gamers.

But the real “WOW!” moment came right at the end, as the five man team moved up into a skyscraper on one side of the bay, and spotted tanks below trying to take down the building. A quick call to the commander later, and a missile was inbound to take them out.

All too late, it seems, as the building tilted to one side before collapsing into the water moments after the squad hit the ground.

It was a very impressive show of destruction, which tied in with being able to take out support pillars under a road, demonstrated earlier in the level, and points towards a map which really brings out the ability to destroy everything. This has been a hallmark of the Battlefield series, but at times had jarring omissions, such as being unable to pull down a key building.

Gameplay and video of this map is being streamed over the course of this week, and you can check it out here as it becomes available.



  1. The gameplay looked amazing. The teamwork looked great, albeit obviously it was well rehearsed. Hopefully Commander mode can force more players to work as a team, although I can’t see it happening much.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      Loved the visuals and ‘feel’ multiplayer gave me, if you know what I mean ;) Can’t wait to be playing a jet around with the game looking that stunning (and my stream wasn’t even that good!)

      I’m sure TSA Battlefield Meets will start up again when this releases. I’m hoping we could fill a whole server will TSA readers.

      P.S. I reckon this comment sounds slightly fanboyish, so I apologise.

  2. If BF4 doesn’t have 64 players on nex-gen consoles I’m going to consider it an Epic Fail. It’ll be interesting to see the differences between BF4 PC and BF4 PS4/Xbox One.

    • The PS4 and Xbox One should be easily able to handle the MP gameplay that we have seen – at 64 players too.

  3. After seeing how great BF4 looks, I hope the PS4 version is able to handle 64 player matches, as that would make for some excellent meets here on TSA. I for one would be joining every week for epic battles. :)

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