Dark Souls 2 – “Go Beyond Death”

Dark Souls 2 was showcased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The game, similarly to it’s predecessor, focuses it’s main advertising point around in-game deaths – Go Beyond Death. No doubt there’ll be many of deaths for gamers in the game.

The bosses looked as big and brutal as ever, and the small snippets of gameplay we did see showed off new abilities such as breaking down walls. The trailer is embedded below.


Dark Souls 2 releases in March 2014.



  1. Really looking forward to DS2 :) But “Go Beyond Death”?! I think there was a facebook poll for the sub-title of the game, and as far as I remember, this was the worst of them all. Shows again that facebook polls are a stupid way to decide stuff for games.

  2. I loved Demon’s Souls, and enjoyed Dark Souls. I hope this has more in common with Demon’s Souls but from the looks and sounds of that trailer, it appears not.

  3. Where are you seeing October? Release date is March 2013

    • Yeah march 2014, it was noted as October only a few weeks ago, hence my confusion.

  4. Not sure I likes the trailer, but I’m betting the game will be better.

  5. Didn’t like the music for these trailers as much as Dark Souls The Divine Comedy’s.

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