Just Dance 2014 Leaked Via Xbox Marketplace

Just Dance 2014 appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace earlier today, before it was swiftly removed. It’s expect to be revealed in full at Ubisoft’s E3 event.

This is what the description of the game had to say:


“The latest opus of the Just Dance franchise will make you dance even more and will be once again the ultimate casual rendezvous of the year. This new opus will be even more social as you will be able to connect and dance with players from all over the world and share a unique dancing experience with them. It becomes the party expert and features today iconic pop culture references. New modes will be available, letting you and your friends experience parties the way only Just Dance knows how!”

Personally I’m a big fan of the Just Dance series. Many times has it made for a few funny moments at gatherings and what not, so surely more Just Dance can only be a good thing?

There were a few screenshots on the page too.

Source: NeoGaf



  1. that’s Kris happy then. ^_^

  2. Kris is obviously at E3 really to appear on the Microsoft stage to demo the game.

  3. Argh the colours……. I think I just threw up in my mouth

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