Lucid’s New Game Is For iOS, Not Project Gotham 5


To recap: Bizarre Creations, the team behind Project Gotham Racing 1-4 were disbanded and many of their staff formed Lucid Games. A few months on a teaser image appeared on their site of a street with “Road opens 2013” on it and rumours emerged of Project Gotham 5, these seemed to be confirmed by one of the Polygon staff.

Sadly this appears not be the case as 2K Racing developed by Lucid Games has appeared on the Dutch and UAE iTunes.  The two reviews on the site are rather unfavourable when fired through Google Translate , “Much remains to be done to this game before it gets fun!! The controls are just jerk … The maintenance of the cars costing you too much credit balance …”

Project Gotham Racing 5 may still be in the works but it is not being handled by the old team. Looking back it seems quite obvious that there was no chance Lucid were ever developing PGR5  as they only have 40 staff and describe themselves as a “Boutique studio”.

Does Project Gotham Racing 5 exist, and if so who is making the game? I guess we will find out in the next couple of days.

Source: NeoGAF 


  1. MS: “coming to smartglass soon”

  2. Psst… that’d be “2K Drive”, then :)

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