Microsoft Announce Project Spark


Microsoft have just announced Project Spark for Xbox One at their E3 conference. It’s a game creator – allowing you to simply and effectively create games (and then play and share them!), with the use of Kinect. Landscapes can be moulded, towns can be built all with simple movement and voice based commands.


They showed creating the mesh, textures and even weather effects by speaking to the console. Most of it appears to be fantasy-orientated right now, though he said there are “an infinite number of ways to play, create and share”.

A trailer then showed shooters, a Limbo-esque sidescroller and even full 3D adventure games. This looks like the next generation of LittleBigPlanet.

The game will be coming to Windows 8 as well as Xbox One – it could work great on PCs as well as Kinect.



  1. that looks very cool, shame it’s exclusive.

  2. Looked great i enjoyed the reveal better then i did when Sony announced Little Big Planet

  3. Certainly looks quite interesting but it doesn’t look to have the same level of freedom as LBP. If you can create your own behaviors using logic operators and draw monsters yourself etc then I’ll be a lot more interested.

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