Sunset Overdrive Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

Insomniac and Sony don’t seem to be as joined as the hip as they used to be, as Ted Price arrived on Microsoft’s stage at E3 with Sunset Overdrive, an Xbox One exclusive.

Though we saw only a rendered cinematic, it certainly promises a lot, with open world mechanics, more than a tinge of parkour, all expressed in one of the most over the top fashions which I’ve seen in a long time.


Cartoon styled graphics, combine with the gameplay very well for what looks like it should be quite a fun experience, as you can combine with other players online against rather knobbly enemies.

It certainly looked good, and I’m sure plenty of people will be looking forward to see how this comes out.

Just a shame we won’t see it on a PlayStation 4, eh?



  1. Aw its not a driving game.

  2. Ooh look he clips on some orange sparkly stuff. to make his weapon better. Really are running out of ideas aint you Insomniac?

    Oh and cartoon graphics.. wonder if this is why FUSE got changed.

  3. After the reaction to fuse, not sure anyone will be too bothered by this!

  4. Can’t seem to watch the live stream :( I have 1.5mbps so everything should work right??

  5. They were at their best with R2. Fuse has proven this.

    • Oooh, I disagree, R3 was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Such a intense story. With non-recharging hitpoints and a really well thought out linear story it really got to me. It was like a mix between Half Life 2 and The Last of Us, though not quite as good as they are.

  6. Insomniac games used to be my favourite developer. In 2005.

    • Had to laugh, it’s so true… I am disappointed this is an Xbox exclusive though, it does look like a good bit of fun.

  7. This was the first really big E3 surprise for me, Insomniac making a XBox exclusive title now. I expected all their future new games would be multiplatform like Fuse, or PS-only if it’s a sequel to Ratchet&Clank or Resistance.

  8. That’s what bucket full of hundred dollar bills does eh.

  9. Very disappointed in this switch to XBOX exclusivity in just one game. I thought FUSE was a great shooter but I don’t like shooters at all so my favouritism comes from it being funny. Only 2 really useful characters though. Anyhoo, mercenaries more than ‘independent’ developers it feels like but I’m sure my bitterness will wear off if I get an XBOX One. WHICH I WON’T, FOREVER BITTER! Aha… I need food.

    • P.S. Just kidding about never getting XBOX One as the games look fantastic. I really think that Sony has a lot to deal with this year as the XBOX exclusives are quite numerous and overwhelming. Bring on Sony conference though, I hope they show off more than the known games as they do not interest me much.

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