Fan Campaign Helped Sway Sony’s DRM Stance

Sony’s Head of Publisher and Developer Relations, Adam Boyes, took to Twitter this evening with a heartwarming message of thanks. He publicly reached out to the man who masterminded the recent #PS4NoDRM campaign on the social network.

“Thank you @ForYourPeteDodd for helping echo gamers messages through all levels of PlayStation” said the Sony bigwig. He went on to admit that, although there was plenty of discussion around the issue, the passion of fans “really moved the needle” in favour of Sony’s popular decision to eschew overly-complicated anti-sharing and pre-owned prohibiting measures in favour of giving their customers what they asked for.

It’s lovely to see Sony acknowledge and revel in the interaction with their dedicated fan base and that currently seems in stark contrast to every decision Microsoft is making with regards to the Xbox One. Sony made some very impressive moves in their E3 press conference this evening and it’ll be very interesting, over the next few weeks and months, to see how Microsoft #dealwithit.


  1. Well, I’ve been one of the more negative people, but I preordered mine at 04:10 this morning when my stream finally caught up.

    Sony have listened to what the consumer wanted, now it’s time to back them with your wallets.

    I still think Microsoft will be number one in the US, the number of people who only buy American will drive sales over there. The rest of the world however, I feel will be the complete opposite.

    • I think you’re probably right the X1 being top in the US, but I think the price of the ps4 will mean less of a lead for them there. I’m just hoping that here the ps4 will be #1, but I’m guessing that game staff will be pushing the X1 more. Just so helps that MS have deep wallets to help to throw at places like game to make sure there section is the biggest in store!

  2. Jack Tretton dropping these bombs at the end of the conference was one of many great birthday present Sony gave me this morning. They truly stand up for their fans if their recent moves are anything to go by. Lovely!

    • Happy Birthday, birthday buddy!

  3. Excellent!

  4. Nice one Sony. Bring on the PS4. :)

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