Fan Campaign Helped Sway Sony’s DRM Stance

Sony’s Head of Publisher and Developer Relations, Adam Boyes, took to Twitter this evening with a heartwarming message of thanks. He publicly reached out to the man who masterminded the recent #PS4NoDRM campaign on the social network.

“Thank you @ForYourPeteDodd for helping echo gamers messages through all levels of PlayStation” said the Sony bigwig. He went on to admit that, although there was plenty of discussion around the issue, the passion of fans “really moved the needle” in favour of Sony’s popular decision to eschew overly-complicated anti-sharing and pre-owned prohibiting measures in favour of giving their customers what they asked for.

It’s lovely to see Sony acknowledge and revel in the interaction with their dedicated fan base and that currently seems in stark contrast to every decision Microsoft is making with regards to the Xbox One. Sony made some very impressive moves in their E3 press conference this evening and it’ll be very interesting, over the next few weeks and months, to see how Microsoft #dealwithit.



  1. #ohsnap

  2. Great news.

    The ability for me to resell that I’ve purchased will enable me to continue buying new games.

    It’s also great news for gamers that Sony are bending over backwards to please developers & people.

    They’ve really made a machine with incredible power for the price, offering a hell of a lot of support for developers & have stepped back from all out war on their customers.

    This is a gamers machine, Sony’s focus isn’t on ‘Input One’ Sony haven’t made a machine designed for publishers and content rights holders they’ve made a machine for everyone of us… & hopefully through incredible sales the publishers & content rights holders will come along for the ride anyway.

    • I think publishers etc will be silly not to support the PS4, the revenue they will lose from used games sales is small compared to the revenue from sales of new games.
      As Sony has listened to gamers, and given what we want, I can see the PS4 being the console of choice for the majority of the gaming community.

    • Yeah… about that “Input One” thing…

      Has anyone really figured out what they hell it’s supposed to mean yet, because it seems to make little sense to me.

      • It’s because, when MS were thinking of moving into gaming it wasn’t just because Microsoft was seen as an old brand & they wanted to ride Sony’s cool WipEout & Tomb Raider coattails, they saw a games console as a trojan horse to get a device under every TV they could.

        Now, with the Xbone they think they’re ready & they’re pushing it as the main box under your TV… ie. AV/HDMI 1… and your cable provider’s box relegated to a dumb box which feeds the Xbox One with content (ignoring Xbox One doesn’t recognise content you’ve recorded on your providers DVR, or your providers ever more important on-demand offerings)

        Microsoft gaming’s reason for existing is to be the goto destination for living room content – They think the half assed Xbox One is it, “All in One. Input One” lol

  3. I wonder if the popularity of this decision will (or if it is even possible to) change Microsoft’s stance on DRM.

    • No chance. Microsoft just dont work that way, it’s their way or the highway. Just look at their instance on keeping Live a closed system (so no F2P) and insisting on publishers for Indies.

      • They also said the Start button was gone forever in Windows…

      • Speaking of F2P what about World Of Tanks? Apparently thats a free download?

      • So’s Killer Instinct.

        You get one character free and have to buy the rest, lol

  4. Judging by the reaction of gamers and the press this morning, I think it is safe to assume that Sony will shift significantly more PS4s than XBOnes. If EA or any other DRM pushers want to forego that user base it is their funeral.

    • “I think it is safe to assume that Sony will shift significantly more PS4s than XBOnes.”

      I hope so. If Sony are shifting XBones, something’s gone pretty wrong at the distribution centre… ;-p

  5. A damn good decision!

  6. I actually got a tear in my eye when they told how it would work with pre-owned games and the crowds reaction, being up 3 in the morning might have something to do with too ;)

  7. Good move by Sony, be it actually thanks to passionate fans or a marketing strategy. Hopefully it will inspire future criticism about companies who try to take this right away.

  8. Great news, its good to see the customers are being listened to and even better to see an acknowledgement for that Twitter campaign. The DRM and PS Plus bits and pieces have been announced well, the only customer compromise seems to be having to pay for online play which is fine really considering how much worse things could have been. Now, where can I find some pretty high-res shots of the new black beast?

  9. It’s great that my faith in SONY was not abandoned :P always knew they would make the right decisions. Long Live Play.

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