Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced

Square Enix have announced Kingdom Hearts 3 during Sony’s E3 conference. Not much information was given about the game though it looks like Sora will be in the lead role once more.

This was shown during the PS4 segment of Sony’s conference so it looks like it should be releasing on Sony’s next-gen console. What isn’t certain is whether Kingdom Hearts 3 will appear on the PS3, too.


What has been confirmed, though, is that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD will appear on the PS3. More information will be released by Square Enix over the next few weeks – perhaps later this week during E3. Meanwhile, keep yourself occupied with the trailer:



  1. Holy shit, I’m actually high on video game announcements. So happy about this.

    Are they bringing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD to PS4?

  2. Really need to replay 1 and 2.

    Kingdom Hearts was the first game I followed and read about in magazines/on the web. Still one of my favourite RPGs to date.

  3. I only had a brief play of KH2, but this looks pretty good.

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