Pokémon X & Y Releasing October 12th

Nintendo’s E3 Direct has kicked off with new information for Pokémon X & Y. First we have a confirmed release date of October 12th, then second, and this is big, a new Pokémon type has been unveiled. The Fairy type will be making its debut in X & Y, and it will be super effective against Dragon types.

Another mode was also revealed where you can interact with your Pokémon to improve your relations with them, which included giving them ice cream.


Pokémon X & Y is looking good.




  1. Fairy type!? Nintendo are properly milking this now. Nothing will beat the first gen! Even the 2nd and 3rd gens were good, and after that it just went downhill.

    • I agree, I played the 1st and 2nd gen but when my brother obtained the DS versions and I had a go I felt completely out of touch with the originals!

  2. That Pokemon-Amie mode looks bad ass, I’ve always wanted my JRPGs to be more like Nintendogs…

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