The Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed For PS4

Sony have formed a special partnership with Bethesda Softworks which will see the upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online release on the PS4. It was previously thought that this would be exclusive to the PC.

The game will release in the Spring of 2014. PlayStation gamers will also be the first to access the beta for the game.



  1. There goes my life….. Balls.

  2. God I don’t think I can start playing this. How would you stop?!

  3. Awesome, I didn’t expect this to come to consoles at all. But is it PS4 exclusive (on consoles) or timed-exclusive, or only the beta first on PS4? Didn’t really understand it during the live-stream.

    • PS exclusive to consoles, and PS gamers get beta access first. So on PS4 and PC.

  4. Good to hear more MMO games coming to PS systems. Can’t go wrong with Bethesda games, provided there’s sufficient bug testing.

  5. Niiice, but I’d really like to see a Star Wars MMO heading to PS4. That would be the cherry on top IMO.

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