Notch Cannot Comment on Minecraft For Other Consoles

As we know just how much Markus ‘Notch’ Persson really loves his tweets being posted as news (hint: he doesn’t), here is is his latest update in 140 characters or less:

“I can’t comment on other consoles for Minecraft. I’m not sure I’m even allowed to say this. In totally unrelated news, patience is a virtue!”


Earlier on he had also tweeted encouraging comments regarding the PlayStation 4.

“I’m about as excited for the PS4 as I am to get away from GUI programming once I finish this one thing. And that’s pretty darn excited,” and “Sony did everything (almost) right. MS did not.”

So to recap: Something, perhaps a loaded gun, the threat of ferrets down his trousers or just maybe a large wodge of cash and a gagging clause, is stopping Notch from talking about Minecraft on other consoles for now.

That’s it, no more news here, move along people, move along.

Source: Twitter



  1. Yeah that first comment screams ‘Exclusivity deal’ with all the subtlety of a punch to the face

  2. If it ends up coming to PS3/4 then my nephew will be a very happy wee chappy indeed. :)

    • Vita has to be a cert too, doesn’t it

      • And even if not: Remote Play!
        I keep forgetting about Remote Play. If it really is a must include feature, then we might even be able to play FFXIV and XV on the Vita which would totally blow my mind…

  3. Hmmm.. he may already have said too much – i’ll be disappointed and surprised if it stays xbox-exclusive now! :)

  4. Sounds like a timed exclusive to me, I think they mentioned 6 million 360 owners have purchased minecraft so they are in fact selling the same game (newer features, updated etc…) to the same people so it would be smart business to go multi-platform.

  5. To be honest i don’t understand all the love for this game, it would not bother me in the slightest if it did not arrive on the PS4.

    Ok let the backlash begin…..: )

    • How dare you……nah me too but the wee man loves it and is always on it with his laptop.

  6. I’d be very happy for it to come to PS4. I watch plenty Xbox Minecraft Let’s Plays on the Achievement Hunter website, so the opportunity to mess around like that with my mates on a PS4 would be fantastic!

  7. Not really that interested in it myself, but I do know people who spend most of their free time on Minecraft on one platform or another. My son plays it on his tablet and really loves it.

  8. I saw a foam pixelated Minecraft axe for sale in HMV. Oh dear.

    • “Oh dear”?… cause you bought it? :P

  9. Sounds to me like a timed exclusive based on his “patience” comment.
    Which begs the question, how many of the “exclusives” that we’re shown during the MS conference are true exclusives and how many are timed? Because if this gen is anything to go by, when it comes to third party, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the so called exclusives appearing on the PS4 in a few months (refer “exclusive” games like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Limbo etc).
    Of they follow the same tactics, it’s buy timed exclusives for the first year or 2 to drive adoption, then let them lapse and rotate the same franchises thereon

    Unless they physically own the IP I’m always skeptical about MS claiming exclusivity of a franchise developed by a third party (Gears is the only one offhand I can think of that stayed as it was)

    • Already cracks appearing in Titanfall’s exclusivity, so it’s pretty safe to say unless it’s Microsoft Game Studios there’s a high chance anything announced as ‘exclusive’ could come to the PS4/Vita in future, especially if it’s announced for Xbox One/PC already.

      • I know at least one other person who’s preordered a PS4 as well, and when both of us looked at Titanfall, we both said, ‘yeah we’ll get it on PC’, not a single consideration over getting a XboxOne.

        The problems for XboxOne aren’t just helping out Sony but PC gamers as well

      • Yeah, I’d rather get those games on the PC instead of getting a second console and I’m sure other people woud do the same. Exclusives that also appear on the PC are hardly system sellers so it doesn’t put too much pressure on Sony, especially if we’re talking about shooters.

  10. Cannot see the appeal of this game on consoles. Much more restrictive than the PC version and not to mention very behind on software updates

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