Sony Depicts “Apocalyptic Britain” After A Cordyceps Virus Outbreak

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us releases tomorrow and has already received hugely positive reviews across the board, (here’s TSA’s review) placing it as 2013’s highest rated game.

In The Last Of Us humanity is ravaged by the devastating Cordyceps virus, leaving the world to be reclaimed by nature. Our “A Grounding In Reality” piece shows how this fictional virus outbreak isn’t that far off becoming a reality one day.


Sony have created “Apocalyptic Britain” images depicting key landmarks in the UK before and after following this virus outbreak. Landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Brighton Pier and the Angel Of The North are shown in their prime only later to be destroyed by the onslaught of nature taking its old ground back.

It’s really impressive, and further hits home the idea of the magnitude a devastating fungal or viral infection could have on the UK, nevermind the world.



  1. Wow, just wow.

  2. Why are battersea’s towers still smoking

    • Ah man, I’ve annoyed myself there. Definitely should have had a capital letter and a question mark.

    • They don’t smoke now, so really can’t be “still smoking”. :P

      However, truly amazing pictures. Now really want a Last of Us game based here (preferably not around the power station, as that is about 10 minutes from where I live).

      • I was more confused about Buckingham Palace having a satellite dish installed. Maybe it took an apocalypse for the royals to catch up to the 21st century ;)

      • Never mind the satellite dish! How did that tank get on the roof?

  3. Looks like bad weather comes with outbreaks. Other than that; wow
    (Are they hinting at a last of us sequel for ps4 here?)

    • Oui oui!

    • I think TLoU should be a one off title but if ND do ever decide to make a sequel it would be amazing if they set it in the UK.

      Imagine a journey from Glasgow to Manchester to London and everywhere in between! There would need to be a zombies/Rangers FC reference in the Glasgow part though ;-)

      Not enough games are set in the UK, in fact are there any apart from The Getaway on PS2?

      • Resistance Fall of Man is one I can think of. I remember the level where you had to go through Manchester cathedral? I think I’m

      • yep, loved that game.

      • The journey you describe would constitute one of the greatest survival/horror settings ever.

        And I’m not talking about videogames.

  4. Wow, this is really beautiful.

  5. I just want the game to be in the UK now :(

  6. Awesome pictures,look really impressive and eerie.

  7. Cool!

  8. They wouldn’t have needed Photoshop if they had just gone to Luton.

  9. Eff me! Those are stunningly manipulated and tinkered with. Wow. Cheers, TSA! :-)

  10. The Forth Road Bridge would have looked amazing, slightly disappointed they never included it :(

    • I guess when they look at Scotland and Wales they thought “oh… someone’s beaten us to it!”.

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