Sony Releasing PS4 In UK And US First Due To “Competitive Pressures”

Sony Computer Entertainment’s President and CEO Andrew House has admitted that the company is releasing the PlayStation 4 in western markets first due to what he called “competitive pressures”, presumably referring to the November release of the Xbox One in the same territories.

Speaking to Japanese press during a busy E3 week, Andrew House also said that the PS4 would “allow for an aggressive cost-down strategy” over time, giving the company the ability to reach “the broadest mass of consumers that we can.”

House pointed to new revenue streams on the console as a way of ensuring the PS4 returns a profit as quickly as possible, something Sony hinted at back in February but is likely pointing to digital downloads, service-model titles (like DriveClub) and subscription-based games.



  1. Great news I thought late October myself as soon as MS said November.

  2. If a well known video products supplier in California is to be believed the release date is 26th November – See more at:

    • 26th would be excellent as that’s the day after my birthday. :)

  3. Its nice to hear, (mostly because I live in the west) but I honestly don’t think releasing first or at the same time is as important as it was for last gen. I think the PS4 has created alot of positive buzz and being cheaper the PS4 could launch in January and still be safe. Its getting to the point where most launch day buyers have made up their mind and while they might not be happy waiting, I doubt people would change their minds last minute just because of a few months difference.
    The roles are basically reversed this gen, Sony is launching a cheaper gaming machine and MS is launching a more expensive media machine. Being cheaper Sony just has to show up sometime close to the One, MS on the other hand has to prove that the One’s worth buying. So I don’t think there is really that much “competitive pressures” to worry about.

  4. Better be EU not just US and UK !!!

    • According to Crash Wiki the PS4 will work in any country from launch, assuming you can get hold of one, while the X1 is limited to just 21.

  5. According to the online shop I buy most my games from it’s available from 16 November. We’ll see…

  6. I reckon early november to cash in on the pre-xmas shopping and also there’s the major releases like Battlefield and COD.

  7. Fingers crossed for October release! Do not want to wait!

  8. Is that UK and USA or have Sony taking into account that there are more western countries, like Ireland for example! Getting tired of Sony forgetting about Ireland lately!

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