Talking Magic 2014 With Wizards’ Adam Dixon

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 is almost upon us. It’s the fourth instalment in Wizards’ popular, download-only TCG series and arrives next month on the biggest spread of platforms to date.

Speaking with TheSixthAxis about the game, Brand Manager Adam Dixon outlines what 2014 brings to the table including its all-new, story-driven campaign and renovated deck builder. If you’ve yet to encounter Duels of Planewalkers be sure to check out our full reviews of both 2013 and 2012; they’re both stellar games and provide the best way of getting into Magic: The Gathering.

M:TG’s artwork is a real treat for the eyes and translates perfectly into Duels.

What will this latest instalment in the series have to offer over last year’s Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013?

In addition to a plethora of new Magic cards from the upcoming Magic 2014 – Core Set, this year, gamers will find an engaging storyline and experience the thrill of opening booster packs and building decks through the new Sealed Play gameplay mode. Additionally, we are happy to announce that this year the game will be available for the first time on Android tablet.

In terms of campaign structure, what can players expect? Will there be a stronger narrative driving the game this time around?


Launches in late July. Expect to pay around £10.

Features cards from the upcoming 2014 range.

Will allow players to fully customise decks.

Available on Android for the very first time.

No word on other versions just yet.

We have infused more story elements into Magic 2014 and players will have the opportunity to join Chandra Nalaar on a quest for revenge as they track down a dangerous and manipulative Planeswalker foe named Ramaz. The campaign will take players to a number of different planes within the Magic Multiverse as they assist Chandra. Within each plane they will face a series of new encounters and opponents.

Will we finally get to see a fully-functional deckbuilder in DOTP 2014?

Yes! For the first time, Magic 2014 players will have the opportunity to open booster packs, build their own decks, and use them to play against the AI and other players. Players will be able to open six 14-card boosters providing them with a pool of 84 cards from which they can create a 40-card deck. Up to 3 additional boosters may be unlocked through the sealed play campaign.

Will any version of the game have exclusive content/features?

The gameplay experience will be virtually identical across all platforms.

Are there plans to make a Wii U or PlayStation Vita version of the game? Both platforms are in need of some TCG love.

We have not announced any plans for these platforms at this time. However, we are pleased to announce that for the first time the game will be available with Magic 2014 on Android tablet through Google Play and the Amazon App store.

How is downloadable content handled in 2014? Can players import any data from the previous game?

We have not announced any DLC at this time. Content from previous iterations of the game will not be transferrable to Magic 2014.

Does Wizards have any plans to expand the Magic universe through video games?
We have not announced any plans beyond Magic 2014 at this time.

We thank Adam for his time and look forward to a closer look at Magic 2014 soon.



  1. No Vita version.


    I NEED a Vita Magic.

  2. Vita is the ideal platform in my highly biased opinion….

  3. Vita and Wii U seems like the most natural platforms for this game. I’ve got all previous three on PS3, but this year I preordered it on Steam. Hopefully the PC version will load faster and have a higher resolution for easier reading.

    • I will no doubt give it a spin on PSN but my primary platform will be the iPad. Looks fantastic and there’s the added bonus of being able to simple whip it out, play a game, and put it down.

  4. “Players can open six 14-card boosters giving them a pool of 84 cards from which they create a 40 card deck.”

    Sorry but that is lame. Only 80-odd cards to create a deck means you are having to use 1 in 2 just to get to the bare minimum of 40 cards. Hardly a wide choice.

    • Just in case you didn’t know, six is the number of packs that people play Sealed with. It was designed to be that number to mirror playing limited at real events, except for the fact that you can “unlock” more boosters in the game by playing.

      At real Limited, Sealed events though, you only get 6 packs of 15 cards (14+one basic land/land/foil, depending on what set you are playing)

      • Thanks for clarifying that. My son plays MTG and explained the whole concept to me yesterday. I was gonna post on here to amend my original statement.

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