The Last Of Us Tops UK Sales Chart

The Last Of Us, Sony’s PS3 exclusive third person adventure, has topped the UK sales charts in its first week. Not a massive surprise, given the widespread critical acclaim (and a 10/10 from us).

Naughty Dog’s epic is already the third best selling game of the year [via], with Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite the two games ahead of it, although that’s highly likely to change.


Nintendo’s wonderful 3DS version of Animal Crossing came in second.

1. The Last of Us
2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
3. GRID 2
4. Tomb Raider
5. FIFA 13
6. Injustice: Gods Among Us
7. Far Cry 3
8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
9. Luigi’s Mansion 2
10. Assassin’s Creed III
11. Dead Island: Riptide
12. Rugby Challenge 2: Lions Tour Edition
13. LEGO Batman 2
14. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
15. Donkey Kong Returns
16. BioShock Infinite
17. The Walking Dead
18. Grand Theft Auto IV
19. LEGO The Lord of the Rings
20. Remember Me



  1. I think that shows just how important Naughty Dog are to PlayStation, to get both the critical and financial success they manage is just incredible.

    I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the PS4.

  2. Thoroughly deserved for The Last Of Us. That and BioShock Infinite have been some of the most wonderful games I’ve played this gen.

    • as much as I loved infinite and tomb raider, I have to say that the last of us is one of the best games I have ever played (up there with uncharted, shenmue and kingdom hearts)

  3. So, Remember Me was a bit of a flop then… :(

    • Just played through Remember Me on PC, looked pretty and I liked the “augmented reality” style but it just felt a bit like another somewhat generic Capcom beat-em-up to me.

    • I wouldn’t call it a flop. It’s not like Fuse entering the chart at #37 before vanishing from existence. Remember Me still got to #3 in the chart last week which was impressive considering the luke warm reviews. I imagine it’ll climb the chart again when the price drops.

      Nice to see Tomb Raider at #4 Can’t wait for TR2.

  4. I spent twenty minutes alone just on the Start screen .. very pretty.

  5. GTA4 still in the top 20! Unbelievable!

    • Yeah, I wonder why that is? Very impressive all the same. Animal Crossing being number two is also amazing, I suppose Fearn Cotton, Holly Willoughby and Louise Rednap have bought a few thousand copies each?

      • We I bought one! Downloaded though. It’s pretty good! Very get for the 3DS. Obv got last of us as well though!

      • *well
        Too much Tom nook speech lol!

  6. Well deserved for The Last Of US. I’m only to the Pittsburgh bit so far but it’s already one of the best games I’ve ever played. The atmosphere and the challenge make you really feel a sense of being a scavenging survivor. The story is well paced and beautifully written and emotionally it’s kicking my arse all over the shop!

    • Spoilerific! Kinda. I didn’t know we were going to pittsburgh!

  7. I’m quite interested to see what the user reviews say in a couple of weeks.
    I’m going to say it, I didn’t like The Last of Us. Played it for a while at a friends because I wasn’t sure whether to buy it. Good choice, for me anyway :) While I respect the game for what it is and what it’s managed to achieve on ageing hardware I personally don’t like the story and hated the character of Joel. I would quite happily have killed him off as early as possible and played as someone else. I get that he is *meant* to be an asshole, because of what happened to him, but he is just so unlikeable as a main character I just didn’t care what happened to him and then it all became a bit boring. Sorry.

    • I dunno if I agree with your opinion of Joel. He’s not your instantly likeable quip at the ready and a cheeky grin kinda guy like Nathan Drake. But he’s likeable and relatable in that I think if I had been through 20 years if societal collapse and had everything in my life torn from me I would not be making quips and shooting a cheesy grin every 5 minutes… In fact I think I’d just as quiet and prickly as he is. And as the game progresses there does seem to be a strong bind between the two developing too. Right after a certain moment in Boston you can see Joel resents this girl who’s been thrust upon him to look after a few hours on from there I think he’s soften towards her.

      But then likening or not liking a character are subjective I suppose…

    • Wow! That’s surprising. This is one the first games in ages where the storyline and characters have gripped me. I thought the characters were great and the game play was really fresh and strategical. I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but I suggest you seek some counseling. :)

      • Public opinion would certainly suggest it’s me that has the problem! Fair enough. Anyway, seems to have touched a nerve so that’s the last comment I’m making about it.

      • I’m not sure I’d agree that the gameplay is particularly fresh… Story and execution are definitely second to none. Personally I would have given it a 9 out of 10 rather than 10 out of 10. But then reviews are opinions and thats mine….

  8. All this love for the last of us, this is not a game. It’s as bad as UC3

    • Eh??
      Not been able to play my copy yet, but my nephew says that it’s one of the best games he’s played on PS3 yet. I can’t wait till I’m able to start playing it.

      • Think he means its heavily focused on narrative rather than gameplay. From what I saw of it over the weekend at a mate’s house, the visuals and storyline are excellent, while the gameplay lacks polish and almost gets in the way

  9. Get that spammer off our beloved site TSA Staff.

    • Not allowed an opinion now? Games are about immersion, if I don’t have empathy for a main character it really does not matter how pretty the game is or how well the mechanics work. No immersion means no enjoyment, then It becomes a chore.
      Clearly this game is not for me, but did I say anything about it not being for anyone else?

      • You were fair from start to finish in your comment and you can definitely have your opinion on any game ever! My girlfriend and I are loving it to bits but if you don’t invest into the characters then I can see how the game will be a bit yawnsome. It’s hugely important to care at a genuine level about them. I’ve already caught myself saying “come on, Ellie” to keep her close to Joel’s character. I want her to live!

        Ignore Dar-Kaus if his/her comment is aimed at you.

        Hell… here’s something. I think all football games are shit! Why? Because they’re not for me. Do I know that most football fans think FIFA is superb? Yes. That’s lovely stuff. It’s just not for me. Doesn’t mean I’m a spammer. You most certainly are not. If anything, The Last of Us teaches you that particular game-types most certainly aren’t for you which can only be a good thing. Saves on money in the future. :-)

      • plutoniumdragon/Bunimomike my comment was in no way intended for you, the TSA Staff have since removed a comment immediately before my own from a real spammer with a link to buying the game from Amazon, my apologies if it was misconstrued.

      • @Dar-Kaus Thanks and sorry ;)

      • Ah, I was wondering if it was out of place which is why I mentioned “if”.

        Good on you for clarifying. :-) Although this now tempts me to simply reply to an article with profanities then say that someone before me has been deleted. ;-) Ha.

      • There seems to be alot of this spamming/advertising and comments or people having to be removed/banned a lately.

      • The big events bring along new blood. Sadly, some of that blood is a bit twunty and needs banning. Personally, I’d just ban everyone who joined in 2013 as they’ve been nothing but trouble. :-P

      • Oh Why i Oughta! lol there’s no need for that Mike ;),also i originally joined in 2012 with my OnlineAssassin77 persona but have visited the site for many years prior to joining,so surely im excused Wha ha ha ;D

      • No way! OA77… Now I know you. Come on in! :-P

      • YES! i’m in i’m in ;D

  10. The Last of Us deserve to be the number 1
    Fantastic game with great characters and environment. I am loving this game and currently playing on Survival difficulty. Just hope the bugs were ironed out before they released it!

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