Microsoft’s Facebook Photo The Target Of Consumer Disgruntlement

It’s starting to feel a little bit like we’re repeatedly kicking Microsoft when they’re down. But the bad publicity just keeps on pouring in for them over their Xbox One reveal and the numerous restrictive policies.

That might all be easily enough smoothed over, if it wasn’t for the line of Microsoft execs who seem keen to pour oil on the fire by saying something a little bit daft every time a reporter waves a notebook at them.

This latest crushing disappointment for big green monster comes via their own Facebook page, where they posted up a new cover photo encouraging everyone to nip off and pre-order an Xbox One just as swiftly as they can. The post has got close to fifteen thousand “likes”, which is not to be sniffed at, but it’s also got quite the procession of comments.

Most of those who are responding are using ASCII art to throw two middle fingers up at the Xbox One. Some are simply writing “SONY” or generally communicating a sentiment of “no thanks” to Microsoft. There are over twelve thousand comments and very few of them seem to be positive. It’s almost as if there’s a bit of a backlash…

It’s honestly difficult to find a positive angle anywhere to cover the Xbox One. Ummm… Forza was beautiful, Spark looked really clever and Sunset Overdrive looked very interesting.

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  1. Just looks like a lot of fanboy war bullshit, no one actually taking an intelligent stance in the comments. I was hoping we’d left console wars behind but I guess it’s all about to start again!

    • yeah, it is just copy and paste junk but I don’t think it’s easily written off as the usual Sony fanboy bollocks – this feels like a much bigger, more mainstream issue this time around.

      • Perhaps it is bigger, but at the same time I can see this just devolving into fanboy wars as soon as they lose sight of the real issue, the DRM.

      • i just hope Sony doesn’t think that they got this in the bag (even if they do) and start charging us for stuff that maybe without Xbox Juan would have been free. such as: remote play, Gaikai….

      • I don’t think the DRM is the biggest issue. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that the console cannot function without the internet, which cuts a lot of people off from using it. Not only that, but in all the places I’ve seen the console being sold, and all the information provided, not one website has stated the internet issue. I’m guessing a lot of the people pre-ordering the Xbox don’t even know of this and quite a few will get a shock when they get the console home after midnight on launch.

      • @ Andy Torr. In agreement, like I’ve said previously, there may be a lot of very upset kids on Xmas day who realise they can’t play there games due to not having broadband or there connection going down. I guess legally Microsoft will probably have to state that internet connectivity is needed on the Xbox Juan box/packaging.

    • If you think Microsoft is the target of fanboy antics than you have no f-ing clue.

      • well, Microsoft is undoubtedly the target of fanboy bullshit so that comment is a bit misguided, not to mention a little aggressive.

        That said, I think it’s questionable whether this kind of thing is just that or whether it’s indicative of a wider ranging problem – namely that their own fans (and the “undecideds”) are turning/have turned against them because of their policies and attitudes.

    • “Forza was beautiful”

      But running on a high end PC with a NVIDIA graphics card both of which are totally unreprentative of the console hardware….

      Weird you failed to report this rather big news that all the E3 demos were faked to pull the wool of tech writers eyes.

      • Ah, that’s not actually fair as Microsoft had to run it on PCs simply because they’re fabricating the CPUs (now or very soon) so it’s simply on PCs that are allegedly representative of the final hardware.

        I guess we’ll see. Either way, there are games on both consoles that look very, very nice. I suppose, what many are wondering, will be if the extra power the PS4 has will turn into a very noticeable difference or just with a few bells & whistles here and there.

    • I wouldn’t call this reaction fanboyism. Hopefully this is the rightful answer to their DRM policies. We the consumers shouldn’t let something as shitty as this just happen. Microsoft can’t ignore the backlash forever. I wish I could attend one of their meetings. They must be grasping at straws right about now if they truly see what’s happening around them. Unfortunately it’s probably just Don Mattrick and Major Nelson patting each other on their shoulders…

  2. It’ll be back to game on if Microsoft manage to clarify their policies and position them (and prove them to be) as beneficial to the consumer. All Microsoft needs to do is show that the benefits to what they’re doing outweighs the cost to the consumer, but I do think they’ll need to eat some humble pie first and ease off on a good few of these restrictions, before any early adopter really begins to look at the Xbox One with anything other than distrust

  3. Does Facebook allow you to prevent comments? They closed and removed comments on YouTube just after E3 because of a similar barrage, wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again if it’s possible.

  4. reserve your day one edition of the console, just because I’m curious does the day one edition contain anything extra other than a stupid achievement, seriously who the hell is that desperate for achievements they would rush out and pre-order just to get that

    • I believe it comes with a limited day one edition controller…. Likely to be just a sticker though….

      • A limited edition controller = normal controller with ‘Day One Edition’ printed on, wonderful….not!

    • … dont foget that special packaging, lol.
      Although it probably also a guarantee to receive the console on the actual Day 1 of launch, as thats usually part of day 1 editions.

  5. Well yes but some of it doesn’t need an article writing for it I suppose. Not meaning to criticise but I understand the point of articles informing people of policies or proceduresms using which are bad for the consumer. This article just points out that 15,000 people like this piece of artwork yet less than 12,000 have expressed they don’t.It’s put across in s negative way when it isn’t really need that needed reporting and makes tsa look like it’s got an agenda against xbone. Does that make sense?

    • It might have made sense had I not made so many stupid typos on my phone!

    • This is kind of why I hinted at the question… We certainly don’t have an agenda against the Xbox One (I’ll be getting one, some of the games they showed looked awesome and I can live with the connection ping and no trade ins). But I do feel like there’s been nothing but bad news and while that’s only their own fault, it almost feels too easy to criticise now.

      It’s clear that these articles are popular though, so we can’t really stop reporting on this stuff until it becomes a non-issue. I just wish there was some positive stuff we could balance it with – I spent about an hour today actively searching for something upbeat to report on with the Xbox One.

      • I completely agree with tonycawley. Mostly everything that’s been reported as MS news in the last week are things every video game company does, but somehow gets twisted into something negative because its MS. They all have limited releases, they all speak confidently about their products, and they all talk about the exclusive features as major selling points. I realise that you yourself understand this and I appreciate you trying to stay neutral in the article- (I actually think that its the most positive thing I’ve read about the Xbox One in at least a week, which speaks volumes when just neutral sounds positive)
        I also realise that MS isn’t helping out any when it comes to positive stories so how about writing opinion pieces on two of the most positive features, game sharing and cloud computing. IMO both sound like awesome features and could use some clarification, especially when games like Titanfall are using the cloud to enhance the multiplayer with what they call “campaign multiplayer”. There are still articles about the Xbox One that can be written that don’t feed peoples hate- blind hate at that. They might not be popular, and still receive negative comments, but at least then the people who want to know more about the One can make an informed decision. Isn’t it more important to inform your readers than to criticise an easy target? After all isn’t that what game journalism is really about?
        I’m not trying to give you a lecture or criticise TSA I just think that TSA as strived to be different than other sites in their reporting and opinions, that it aims morally higher and that unwarranted Xbox One bashing is beneath what TSA tries to represent.

      • The problem is MS’s PR department is run by a bunch of Llamas. Everytime someone goes on record in an interview they say something incredibly stupid and sometimes the things they say just seem like they think gamers are idiots who believe the stuff they say.
        Multiplayer campaign needs “the power of the cloud”? See, that’s the stupid things they tell people. Didn’t Brink already do this a year or two ago? Isn’t Watch_Dog doing the same thing on all consoles, not just the Xbox One? Rumor has it that Microsoft’s Cloud strategy was simply put into place for DRM reasons and that it was not due to pressure from publishers but Microsoft themselves approached third parties with this stuff.
        I honestly don’t want gaming to turn into Microsoft’s vision of next gen and I’m glad people are speaking up. 15k likes seems like a lot but imagine Facebook had a dislike button…
        I’m sorry, but as long as Microsoft pursues this ahitty strategy, I want articles to pop up that call them out on their crap. Average Joe has to realize what this means for gaming. Microsoft has enough money to sway uninformed consumers with fancy ad campaigns but word of mouth is a strong weapon on the internet and Microsoft might be in real trouble this time.

      • Its no different than Sony saying -Next gen starts when we say it does. Gaming history is overflowing with stupid people saying all sorts of stupid things. Ask a Sony executive why someone should buy a vita, ask Nintendo wheres the value in a Wii U, ask Apple where i-phone sales will be in 2 years, you’ll get similar answers to what MS has been saying about the One. Like limited launches its… it’s just normal. To get worked up about it doesn’t make sense and to incite or encourage hatred as a journalistic is irresponsible.

        I understand the outrage towards console locked games, I myself find it unjust, but to blame something like cloud computing that has no relevance on DRM (even if rumored) is also unjust. Yea, other games have tried to bridge story and mutiplayer modes, but its not fair to judge future games and systems because someone failed… maybe cloud computing will add to multiplayer, but we won’t know until it launches. We’ll see when games like BF4 get revealed, if the One has 64 players and the PS4 doesn’t we’ll know that theres something good in the cloud. Did the PS3 need a Blu-ray drive? Did it help? Did it hurt? People said the same thing about Blu-ray being unnecessary during the PS3s launch, but can you imagine the PS3 not having it now? You don’t know what Nex-Gen needs until after Nex-Gen launches. After 3 years if people want to criticize the cloud on the One like people criticize 3D on the PS3 then fine because at least then its understanding. If people could focus their DRM hate to DRM instead of everything Xbox it would have more of an impact because right now it just sounds like a bunch of fanboy haters hating. I swear, at the moment, MS could cure AIDS and cancer and people would complain that they’re just adding to overpopulation.

        Its not the hate I mind so much as the popularization of the hate, hate shouldn’t be popularized. Because when hating becomes popularized people lose sight of why they should hate. And then people start to cash in on it, which is where I think we’re at now. People shouldn’t hate the One because its popular, or because some news site tells them to, they should hate it because they’re informed and passionate about sharing software, and be mature enough to know when they should stop.

        Its not just MS that has this vision for gaming, publishers want it too. And its not just gaming. Music, movies, television, every company that has a digitized product wants this future… even Sony- why do you think they patent off-line DRM or suspiciously let publishers control their own DRM. They say they wont interfere with a business model, but they now prohibit online passes, so they do interfere, they just wont interfere with DRM at a whole. Although nobody is criticizing Sony for not preventing DRM in the articles and comments. Having a sincere anti DRM article is one thing but associating everything MS does and says with fanboy hatred isn’t going to solve anything, if there even is a solution for DRM- its probably too late.

        But people have the right to say what they want for reasons they want. I just think journalists should report the good along with the bad, and then let the reader/viewer decide. otherwise it isn’t journalism its propaganda marketing.

      • You have to admit, that Microsoft employees are the current king of saying stupid things in interviews.

        -Deal with it
        -Just get a 360
        -Have you seen Titanfall? Conversation over
        -Overdelivering content / Thousands dollars worth of content

        And those are just from the top of my head.

        I agree that people shouldn’t hate because it’s cool or because people tell them to but they should hate if they were informed of shitty policies that they don’t agree with. If we didn’t have this shitstorm then Microsoft would happily strut along and consumers that aren’t informed like we are would probably not realize what they have bought into until it’s too late.
        If the Cloud is nothing more than dedicated servers and server side AI (server bots… nothing fancy about that) then it’s an easy way to shoehorn DRM into a game. Have we already forgotten Sim City? The game that required a constant internet connection because of heavy server side computations? That turned out to be a load of bull crap. Please forgive me if I’m sceptical.

  6. Interesting damage limitation there with the follow up post about ASCII art.

    Although we’re seeing MS shoot themselves over and over again in the foot by not addressing or even acknowledging consumers concerns, elsewhere many people have no idea this sort of thing is going on and they will be buying an Xbox One regardless. I think there’s a long gap between now and November and that all this stuff wont hurt them that much in the long term.

    • Yeah, I also guess they’ll sell an incredible number of XB1s before Christmas. They may have disappointed and angered a lot of their loyal customers from the XBox and XBox360 days, but MS has a good marketing team (just look at how many Kinect cameras they managed to sell), and there’ll be enough people who don’t care or don’t know about all the restrictions and privacy concerns. The only thing that might stop those from buying an XB1 could be the 100$ higher price tag than the PS4s.

    • exactly, this is a company who for years shipped faulty products that had an estimated fail rate of around 60%. Instead of destroying the gaming division, the RRoD became this red badge of loyalty for its fanbase.

  7. Well from what I can garner, the x1 preorder is doing a lot better than many seem to think. Heck on it was 2.3% of ps4 pre orders (as of 10/6) whether that’s changed since E3 I can’t tell. So I don’t see the ps4 wiping the floor with the X1. I do hope that it turns out that way, as MS deserve a bloody nose just for the arrogance they’ve been showing lately!

    • Amazon did a Facebook poll after E3 and 95% of the votes were in favor of the PS4 (over 20k votes iirc). Apparently the vote was taken down prematurely. Maybe someone wasn’t happy with the results and the image that came with them…

  8. good job there’s no dislike button on Facebook eh.

    i do like their response though.

    “To all of our ASCII loving Facebook fans and followers here’s a tribute to some of our favorite faces from E3 last week. Can you guess all three?”

  9. I would like to see more comments that inform Microsoft and those that do not understand why many people see the XBone as a negative move. I do not see the childish comments helping inform anyone in a positive manner.

    I read an article somewhere on the net (can’t remember the source), that claims Microsoft are really trying to emulate the success of a certain PC based software site (sure you all know who I mean, but the name has slipped my over taxed brain today lol). This in itself would be fine by me, if they had come out and said…hey this is what we are trying to achieve! I’m not so sure I buy it myself. To be honest the cheap games sales, they claim will be the major benefit, I already get with either disc based or digital download sales. I do not believe that Microsofts approach will ever bring down the price of day one sales!

    • Publishers already went on record and said games would continue to cost 60$, even though people might lose the right to resell the game or might be required to purchase a game pass when buying second hand.

      • Yes I’ve seen that. Even on Steam most games are full price at release. Another reason I doubt trying to recreate Steam is really Microsofts intention to benefit the gamer, as the article tried to infer.

  10. Once the wider mainstream media start reporting on this backlash and the casual market become aware of the negative feedback THATS the point when MS will be firing executives, remember NEW COKE anyone?

    • I think a lot of the mainstream are aware of the problem.

      A few people at work who have no interest in gaming at all have commented on it.

      I was like how the heck do you know about this?

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