August’s PlayStation Plus Could Include DmC And Spec Ops: The Line

July’s PlayStation Plus update was revealed earlier today – Battlefield 3 leads the charge this month – but a leaked image (above) suggests that we already know what’s coming next month.


The image has actually been around for a little while, and pre-dates today’s announcement, suggesting that – TBC’s aside – August’s titles are already locked down.

So, if it pans out, look out for Capcom’s DmC and the cool shooter Spec Ops: The Line, along with a couple of Vita games.

Of course, the ‘to be confirmed’ suggests that these things could shift around and the games might well change, but then some were saying that about July’s games and they panned out just fine.

We’ll see next month.



  1. I’m so happy right now I just vomited a unicorn riding on a rainbow.

  2. Plus just keeps getting better and better. I think I’m falling in love with Sony as they’ve been on a roll for a while now. :)

    • Steady on, what Sony give with one hand they sometimes take back with a baseball bat. No complaints about the plus content that’s been coming out lately at all though.

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