Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3 And More Unearthed On Alleged Valve Project Tracker

Project management software, Jira, has allegedly been the source of a massive leak of potential projects that Valve employees are working on. Valvetime.net has been sent apparent screenshots depicting a drop down list of groups from Valve’s Jira management platform – including some very exciting (but unsurprising) names.

Half Life 3 is referenced, with a working group of people that suggests it’s in development but perhaps only early stages, there are other references to Half Life too, like “Episode 3” or “Return to Ravenholm”. Left 4 Dead 3 is there too, with a larger group working on it – suggesting a more active state of development. Source 2 appears, which is in keeping with rumours suggesting that work is well underway on Valve’s new engine.


There are also a number of previously unheard of projects that have groups consisting of only a few designers. Projects with titles like “The Grange”, “Cries Unheard” and “Microbe Wars” are probably only at concept stages and may never see the light of day, even if this list of projects is completely accurate.

Using the names of employees on the list, Valvetime.net has managed to narrow the timeframe down to post-March 2013 although it features some former staff members who had left the company before that date – they probably aren’t pruned from the group but simply have their Valve mailboxes suspended when they go.

The full list of groups from Jira, which includes many typical groups like “stability” and “Steam Support” as well as many for games unrelated to Valve (perhaps for recreational meet ups?), can be found on Pastebin.



  1. No Portal 3? :( <—- my sad face

  2. Lovely news if true. Just a month ago I was chatting with teflon or Adam (AG2297) and asking the question “what are Valve actually doing? They can’t all be looking after the Steam store!” :-)

    Weirdly, I’m unclear as to why they need to play their cards so close to their chest but there we go. Two incredible franchises look to be furthering themselves. Count me in on both counts.

  3. Cannot stand Halflife but would buy a new Left4Dead right away.

  4. If they are developing HL3 then it would make sense to only release when it will have the most impact revenue-wise. Such as, exclusive release on potential SteamBox console which is also being developed. Steam have so many revenue sources they don’t need to have all their cards on display until it absolutely suits them.

  5. I have to work day in, day out with JIRA – glad to finally know it’s good for something….

  6. Half Life 2 was one of the best games ever made in my opinion so HL3 in PS4 would be a very welcome addition indeed.

    • Agreed, i still dip into the Orange Box occasionally and it’s stood the test of time pretty well.
      It’s a shame Half Life isn’t available on the store as a PS2 classic, it won’t have dated so well as HL2, but i would like to play it again.
      Anyway … HL3! :)

      • If you’re looking to play HL again, check out the Black Mesa mod. Those guys updated the game using the HL2 engine. It has to be one of the best mods in years.

  7. Blimey is that time of the year again? Damn I forgot to mark the annual Half Life 3 rumour day.

    • Shut up and let me have my dreams :-P

  8. Valve, “quit playing games with my heart”!

  9. “Post march 2013”?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be post June 2013. They probably meant 2014?
      With Valve pushing all kinds of L4D and HL sales and bundles lately, I say this time rumors might actually come true.

  10. Would like to see a Half-Life 3 appear on PS4.

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