Killzone Mercenary Gameplay Video Shows Those Stunning Visuals

While we were at E3 last week, I took the chance to spend some time with Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita. I didn’t have long with it but what I played was really very impressive. So much so that I posited, in my report from LA, that it might just end up being the Vita’s ‘killer app’.

Well now, thanks to a presentation which features PlayStation’s Social Media Manager, Sid Shuman, and seems to have been created by PlayStation (although it’s not on their own YouTube account), you can see the bit I played and judge for yourself. It runs in native resolution (960x544px) and even looks great upscaled onto that TV.



  1. It looks as good as the console versions of Killzone. Really impressive!

  2. shows just how powerful the Vita is really good job will be getting it.

  3. It does look rather nice for a handheld game.

  4. So excited for this. I’m a huge fan of Killzone and its very reassuring to see that it not only holds up graphically, but the gameplay looks very solid from this video as well. This is the sole reason I still have my Vita, so lets hope there’s no spiders in it this time.

  5. I was getting this one for my Vita anyway, but damn that’s a platform seller right there if ever there was one.

  6. This really looks good. Nice to see Vita getting such a game

  7. This may be my first ever Vita day one game!

  8. Definitely picking this up, looks incredible for a handheld game. I like that the touch elements are minimal too.

  9. I think they say they’ve been working on this for three years, which kinda shows.

  10. Yea shows what can be done with Vita when given the time.

    Compare it to Resistance/Cod both which took around 6 months to do and the difference is stark.

    But lets hope Vita gets the big hitters at Gamescom as rumoured.

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