Free Skype Credit For Inside PS Vita Members


If you’ve signed up to Inside PS Vita, you may have noticed that you received an email at some point todaycontaining a Skype voucher. The code grants you with up to 40 minutes of Skype calls to mobiles and landlines for free.


As far as promotions go this is very worthwhile. So if you haven’t downloaded the Skype app on the PS Vita now is the perfect time to do so, as you’ll never know when those 40 free minutes might come in handy. Of course, the credit will work on any Skype app.



  1. Why haven’t I heard of Inside of inside Vita before? grrrr

  2. spending to much time inside it seems i have to repeat myself twice

  3. Anyone know if the vouchers’ got a use by date? I subscribed just to enter a comp to win a Vita and currently don’t own one, but planning to get one if it’s worthwhile when I get a PS4.

  4. Expires 15/10/13 according to my email.

  5. I have 2 of these codes going spare if anybody wants them, just let me know where to send them.

  6. Got my email. Noice!

  7. I forgot there was a Skype app on the Vita. If i get my Inside Vita email (nowt yet) i’ll check it out.

  8. I haven’t signed up for anything! I don’t have a Vita, but they emailed me anyway!

    Code is SKYPE-699CR-3CMKC-JE6PW-DNF9P if anyone wants to use it!

    Also have a code for 24hr bonus XP in God of War Ascension too… 2M59-68ND-P78J

    • You’re q

    • You’re quite generous :) (not used any of the codes, just complimenting)

  9. Shame I have no one to Skype!

  10. The vouchers claim 40 minutes of calls, but I only got $1 / £0.62 of credit!

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