Xbox One Release Date Rumour

Amazon have informed their US customers that the Xbox One will be available on November 27th, two weeks after the rumoured PS4 release date.


The date is just before Thanksgiving in the United States and also just before Black Friday, a day in which the US hold massive sales of tech goods. It is also same day on which the Xbox 360 launched.

The next gen consoles are proving to be incredibly popular with online retailer Amazon reporting a staggering 2,500 next-gen console purchases per minute during E3 week. The retailer has also revealed that the day-one pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox One are “nearly two times that of all video game sales on Black Friday last year.”

Whilst stocks of the Xbox One may be limited a leaked memo to Gamestop reveals that Sony have told them to accept “unlimited” numbers of pre-orders for the PS4.


“Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited pre-orders beyond your current allotments. In other words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop pre-ordering based on limited quantities.”

Gametrailers reports that one store has an allocation of 138 PS4s of which 64 have been pre-ordered, in contrast the same store has been allocated just 18 Xbox Ones of which 12 have been reserved.

Source: NeoGAF via GamerRanx / IGN / GameTrailers



  1. Seems shortsighted to launch on or around Black Friday with such limited stock..

  2. Sony seems pretty confident that they will be able to deliver a huge number of consoles on day one. Didn’t they say that they were preparing for their biggest launch (number of units) ever (consoles)? That sounds confident and I hope they don’t make empty promises and people who pre ordered late will end up having to wait for the second batch of shipments to arrive.
    The fact that Amazon got more pre orders in than they sold current gen hardware during last year’s Black Friday sales also sounds pretty impressive. I hope we’re off to a good start!

    • I hope the servers will be up to it

  3. Sounds like good news. Is anyone aware of whether PS4 pre-orders from Tesco or Sainsburys etc can be upgraded to bundles?

    • Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it lol

      • I preordered mine from Tesco last week and the guy said it basically acts like a £20 off voucher when you pay for the ps4 on launch day so I’m gonna go with yes. :-)

      • No worries mate! Glad you waited 3 hours…. could of gone crazy and phoned them up in that time.

      • Aha, cool. May have to preorder tomorrow then

  4. I’m torn – I want as many people as possible to get a ps4 to make the community as big as it can be…..but only after mine turns up in the post :-)

    • I think the community will be big enough anyway good sir. If you haven’t got a ps3 then you don’t have to worry about people being online.

  5. 2,500 Pre-orders per minute for the entire week? That’s 25,200,000 consoles. And about 3/4 being PS4s? If true, those are some crazy numbers!

  6. Over the weekend there was an advert on TV for a X1 game with a release date of 7/11/13 so could it be released at the start of November?

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