New “Miner Willy” Spectrum Game Surfaces After 28 Years

Two key ZX Spectrum games back in the early 1980’s were Manic Miner and its sequel, Jet Set Willy. Developed by the increasingly eccentric Matthew Smith, the 2D platformers saw many copycats and remakes over the years.

And now, 28 years after it was first developed (way back in 1985) there’s a new game starring Miner Willy: Willy’s Great Adventure. It’s not a Matthew Smith developed game, mind, but it’s an age-old tribute that has never been seen before.

Picked up by Elite (who have been putting out Speccy and C64 compilations for a while) the game will appear on iOS this Friday. It’s actually made by Terry Lloyd, who used to work from Gremlin and Core Design back in the day.

“I’ve been playing it through again myself to test it,” he says, “and I have to say I think it’s one of the most complete and totally customized mods out there (in terms of all new rooms, tiles and sprites).”

“Although there are some other good ones I’ve played, a lot of them keep the original graphics and just have new rooms,” Lloyd adds, “while some change the graphics but the rooms and map are very similar to the original.”

Willy’s Great Adventure apparently changed 98% of the original game.

The game will cost around £1.49, and will also be available on Android.



  1. I need to see this. I haven’t bought an iPhone game for yonks!

  2. Android version please. Gamers don’t use iPhones, hipsters and baristas use them, and aren’t gamers….

    • It does state at the bottom also available for android

    • Nice ‘barista’ reference!

  3. Fear not tsa fans I will create my own game for android geez miner willy who the hell??? Wonkey-willy
    Is the way forward. .it will involve digital boobies..

  4. Something’s seriously weird with the art on his left hand.

  5. Yea, I’ll definitely be getting this one ;-)

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