After The Sex Phone Lines, An Unfortunate URL Is Found In The Last Of Us

Warning: Spoilers for The Last Of Us!  Do not proceed any further unless you have have completed the section where you hunt for a car battery with Bill.

Still with me? Then let me explain the rather bittersweet problem with The Last Of Us. By now you should have met Bill, a rather gruff man who helps Joel and Ellie search for car parts. For me it was one the highlights of the game as, although it’s never actually said, Bill is gay.


After years of mincing John Inman caricatures and overtly camp, rainbows ‘n’ sprinkles gayness, video games have finally caught up with the rest of the world and made a gay character who is no different to anyone else, in fact he is so ‘normal’ quite a few people have missed the small hints within game.


One such hint is the magazine that Ellie finds in Bill’s house, which you can see here on the right.  It’s ‘Bearskin’ magazine featuring a rather rugged beardy bloke on the front and a “Men of the Den” feature inside. Yep, our Bill is not just a gay man, he’s a ‘bear’.

If you don’t know what that means, just think of very friendly lumberjacks who give good hugs.

Anyway, the point is there is a gay character in a game who doesn’t shove his sexuality in your face, well done Naughty Dog.

However there is a small problem, much like those phone numbers that Naughty Dog forgot to check, the Bearskin magazine has a URL at the bottom for

Now the the thing about bears (of the gay variety) is they are very protective of the bears (of the animal variety), images of bears (animal kind) are used throughout the subculture, for example the jacket resting on the back of my chair as I type this has a massive bear paw on the back. Many gay bear groups raise funds to help protect the wild animals.

It’s rather unfortunate that no-one at Naughty Dog thought to check what was at the end of because if they did they would have found that the site sells bear skin rugs – and not fake ones.

Now I know this is not illegal in America but it is rather distasteful, the site explains “Now you can capture the splendor of The Ultimate Trophy with these magnificent rare polar bear rugs.”

The web site is perfectly legitimate but does sell rugs made from Grizzly and Polar bears which are endangered and vulnerable species respectively.

Linking the hunting and slaughter of wild animals to a gay subculture who try to respect and preserve the furry critters is rather large faux pas by Naughty Dog. I am sure it is simply an oversight on their part but perhaps the URL can be removed in the next patch.



  1. What is it with all these STUPID SILLY POINTLESS things that people are finding wrong(Hmm?!) with the AMAZING BEST GAME THIS GEN & ‘ONLY ON PS3’ GAME THAT IS TLoU??? Hmm(maybe it’s the ‘ONLY ON PS3’ bit) LoL:D

    • Any more comments like this will be put straight into spam. The only reason this one is still here is so that you can still see it in the email I’ve just sent to you.

  2. Well that first line has spoilt it for me, no longer will the exciting highs of battery searching with Bill come as a surprise. Who the hell is Bill anyway? Actually, forget that, too much has been spoilt already!
    I really must leave the MP alone and play the SP so I can read such articles!

    • Play the damned Single Player.

      Honestly, the bold at the top is rather innocuous, but you can’t stay isolated from TLOU forever…. Especially if you go and click on internet posts about TLOU!

      • True! I promise to play more than the 14% I’ve managed so far…..’m off for 6 days after today so inbetween feeding and changing nappies, I shall play some more of the campaign! ;)

  3. You obviously have deeply held views and this subject and they have to be respected. For very different reasons I have similar views about wolves, so I do understand where you are coming from but surely this is nit-picking of the highest order?

    Unless the URL was checked and added deliberately, in which case it’s inexcusable and they should be taken out at dawn and shot! ;)

  4. Perhaps they should have put www.(bare) hahaha

  5. That guy on the cover looks just a little too much like a certain lead character. Methinks Bill had some latent Joel issues going on there.

  6. How can a legitimate site sell endangered animal skins? That can’t possibly be legal.

    • Unfortunately, endangered does not mean legally protected.

    • Inuits are allowed to hunt 500 Polar bears due to their culture. Now back in the day, they would have kept the furs for themselves to keep warm, but now they sell them on to places like this website and take the cash and buy central heating.

  7. Is this three things now that have been found to cause a controversy in Last of Us?….. HL3 confirmed?

  8. The only hint that he was guy was actually that magazine, when she went to the centerfold and commented on how do men walk with those things did I realize we was gay. Were there any other hints?

    • When he was talking about his his partner, it was kinda implied in the tone that he was more than a ‘work partner’.

      • Oh, you’re right! When I read the note his partner left it did sound to personal. But then again, it was an end-of-the-word scenario so he could just be freak. But yeah, it was right in my face the whole time, thanks for pointing it out :)

      • Now I can’t stop thinking about this music video about partners

      • Exactamundo. Which is why Joel is rather uncomfertable talking about when they leave. Excellent bit of acting.

  9. i was amused when i realised what was going on between them but also i thought it was really well handled.
    That is a shame about where the url leads to..can’t say i was tempted to follow it myself though .. :)

  10. Just passed this point in the game & I thought it was fairly self-explanatory in a not screamingly so fashion. Still can’t believe the hysteria over Mass Effect. Some people are gay, get over it

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