Donkey Kong Just 30p This Week On Wii U

The original Donkey Kong is just 30p this week on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. The game, which was the first to star Mario (known then as Jumpman) is perhaps the first platform game created, at least according to Nintendo.


The NES version is a decent port of the arcade game, and – as part of the publisher’s 30 Year Anniversary run, is super cheap for a limited period.

Also released this week is the NES Metroid – £3.49 unless you own Kid Icarus, also released today, in which case it’s currently half that; and there’s also a pile of Shaun The Sheep 3DS episodes just out alongside Stars Wars Pinball on the Wii U.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros, the RPG, is release this Friday too – our review of that is on the way. It’s a new entry in the Mario and Luigi series, but plays very similarly.


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  1. Cool, I’ll probably get DK, Metroid and Kid Icarus then.

    Also, any chance I can be a pain and ask for a Wii U picture to be used on the homepage instead of the Wii one… It’s not like PS4 posts have the PS3 picture.

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