Tales Of Xillia 2 Will Release On PS3 In Europe Next Year

Namco Bandai have announced that the sequel to Tales Of Xillia, Tales Of Xillia 2, will release exclusively on the PS3 in 2014. It’s a somewhat surprising early announcement considering the first Xillia game won’t release over here until August 9th.


Tales Of Xillia was first released in Japan in September 2011 and the sequel followed in December 2012, so the European market has been waiting almost two years for the original’s release. However it’s not the first time Tales games have taken a while to make the jump from Japan to the West.

The original Tales Of Graces first releasing on the Wii in Japan back in 2009 before being ported to PS3 in 2010, then that port finally releasing in Europe in August last year.

It is good to see more JRPGs releasing in the West though and trying to challenge Final Fantasy’s domination of the market.

Source: Press Release


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  1. YAY! I am LOVING the recent surge of Japanese games making their way over. The Tales series, NIS brining Time & Eternity, Project Diva F and Mamarukan too. The last two I imported over – maybe I won’t have to worry so much about imports at looooong last :)

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