Rockstar Hiring Graphics Programmer For PC Development

The relationship between Rockstar and the PC has been a bit of a rocky one. Usually Rockstar games don’t make it to the platform until a little while after console releases or sometimes, like Red Dead Redemption, they never make the jump.

When the release date for GTA V was announced earlier this year the PC was once again noticeable in its absence. Only the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have been confirmed to exist, but a recent job listing at Rockstar Leeds could hint that Rockstar are working on a PC port.


The company is looking for a Graphics Programmer to bring their latest titles to the PC, though the job advert also mentions working with the team on “Next Generation games” (GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One perhaps). It’s unlikely that the PC version of GTA V would release at the same time as the console version but at least this could be further evidence that it won’t be far behind.

Today at 3pm a new gameplay trailer for GTA V will also be going live.

Source: Rockstar Games



  1. I’d have thought a PC version of GTAV would be released alongside PS4 & Xbox One versions… they won’t be released until the install base is considerably more than it is in the launch period.

  2. If GTA V is actually any fun then I might be interested in a PS4 version, chances are I’d rather see Saints Row IV ported to PS4 etc..

  3. is it possible R* just want a relative minimum experience for their games?

    For example they only released RDR on PS3/360 as the install base on PC is so fragmented in terms of hardware, operating systems, control inputs…

    I would imagine Sony/MS would also chuck a huge chunk of dough at them to keep them on the consoles only in an effort to boost sales of the respective machines.

    • You might find that GTA IV sales on the PC were relatively healthy. It came out six months later and hopefully we’ll see GTA V do the same (if not sooner!). It’s still a shame to see RDR not on the PC but there we go.

      • I’ve always got the impression that GTAIV did very well on PC

        You have to wonder about the install base of sufficiently specced PCs though, while there’s no doubt a number of very highly specced PCs out there, it’s probably the average spec… where the real install base actually is, is lagging behind where R* need it to be to make it fully worth their while, something EA have come across with bringing their next gen ‘Ignite’ engine to PC, which instead will use the existing engine.

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