Spanish Developer ‘Demakes’ Dark Souls

Dark Souls is tough, but it’s not tougher than trying to get through the Banyan Tree in Jet Set Willy. Perhaps with this in mind, Spanish developers Retrobytes have remade (or rather, demade) From Software’s tricky battler for the ZX Spectrum, a run through of which you can see above.

You can get it from here, where you’ll also find some instructions and other neat bits of information (in both Spanish and English), although you’ll need an emulator (or the ability to get it working on a real Spectrum, of course).

In related retro news, somebody’s made a sequel to Speccy/C64 classic Bruce Lee, which runs on a Windows PC and looks (and plays) just like the original. It’s pretty good, although contains a fair bit more platforming than fighting. Look for the red ‘download’ link on the left.


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  1. Bruce Lee 2 – Nice to see Williams on the cover art. A fitting tribute to Jim Kelly (Williams out of Enter The Dragon) who passed away recently.

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