Gaikai On PS4 Will Support “The Best” PS3 Games

Sony were woolly about what Gaikai can do for PlayStation in February, and they haven’t really expanded beyond that too far since. The idea is that huge server banks running as PlayStation 3s will stream games over the internet to your PlayStation 4 console, but the numbers (both in terms of server capacity and the games themselves) have been kept under wraps.

That’s probably because, at least back at the beginning of the year, the idea was mostly conceptual. We’re sure Gaikai have the tech, but it’s doubtful there’s a great deal working just yet. And the service, when it does appear in 2014, will be limited to those in the US at first. When it’ll appear over here, and in what guise, is anyone’s guess.

You can watch Andrew House talking about Gaikai at E3 above.

Today we’ve also learnt that it’ll only work with “the best” PS3 games, unless that’s just an unfortunately choice of words. The latest Access PS episode fills in the gaps, but it’s a little disappointing to hear it’s not – potentially – going to be the entire range. The goal is apparently “to eventually have many more legacy PlayStation titles” available.

At least the video shows Journey, The Last Of Us and Uncharted 3, which would be a great starter.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about Gaikai for European users at Gamescom next month, the first time Sony have talked about the next-gen console outside of the US in any great capacity.



  1. Likely keep the PS3, will be great as the bedroom streaming, gaming and You Tube device. So many PSN games I will likely play forever too…

    If my digital purchases so transfer to PS4 streaming the. It’ll be a nice little bonus.

  2. Doubt I’ll have any use for the service, still own the PS1, PS2 and will keep the PS3 all with the “best games” of my choosing still intact…..not that any of them get much use any more apart from current gen.
    Great service though for any first time console buyers, or people selling this gen to fund next gen.

  3. I thought Gaikai is a technology not a service? The back-end behing instant game demos (Presumably at launch?) and later back-catalogue PS3 games.

    If its not native PS3 hardware running in the cloud then I doubt any game can be just ‘put on there’, without being re-coded, as PS3 games are designed to not run on any other hardware for security reasons.

    It will be much easier for the Instant game demos as PS4 games will have been designed with this feature in mind, as well as being x86.

    Cost wise, Its confusing.

  4. I like this as an idea but I don’t want to pay full price for a game I already own.

  5. I won’t be to interested in Gakai for backwards compatibility so much. In more interested in the future hopefully it will do 4k steaming via Ps4. It won’t be to soon before lots of people have 4k TV in their homes. I see the Brazil world cup as big push for 4k. Hopefully they’ll be at a much cheaper price by then, 4k costing £4k will be far too much for me so far.

  6. My maths and knowledge in this tech is severely limited at best, but via a dream or message from above – I found the solution. It said “keep your PS3”. Cheese before bed ftw

  7. Sony’s Gaikai plans have sounded nebulous at best so far. You could tell at the first PS4 announcement that they were just sharing a boardroom brainstorm, and that nothing was ready even for demonstration. Personally I’ll be shocked if the Gaikai thing happens at all for PS3 games, unless they learn to emulate them using x86 hardware. PS4 though is a given. I’ve been saying this for a while (and I admit I’ve been wrong so far!), but I still think both Sony and MS will offer a $99 streaming-only box in a year or two.

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