Day 3 Of The Steam Summer Getaway Sale

It’s day three of the Steam Summer Sale. There have already been some great deals so far with BioShock Infinite at half price, The Walking Dead selling for around a fiver and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 priced at just over £3.

The next set of daily deals, and flash deals have only just gone live. There’s 75% off Tomb Raider (a further discount added since the image was taken below) and 66% off Borderlands 2.



In the flash sales you can pick up LA Noire for a penny less than a fiver, and also Hitman Absolution was the community’s choice, now with a 75% reduction.


So far I’ve downloaded BioShock 2, Alice: The Madness Returns, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and F1 2012 in the first two days. Have you purchased anything for yourself yet?



  1. I’ve bought Borderlands 2, Dark Souls, FTL, Surgeon Simulator, Tomb Raider Underworld and System Shock 2 for about €23 so far.

    Good value. Hopefully I’ll actually play my games now (although the Trading Card thing seems a great way to get people to play more of their backlog).

  2. I couldn’t resist Tomb Raider, so now it remains to see how well the little notepad can handle it.

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