First Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

Warner Brothers have released the first gameplay trailer for the forthcoming Mad Max game.

The trailer spends rather a long time setting the scene and is rather sparse on actual gameplay, a fairly large portion of the video appears to be cut scenes but the few glimpses of the game do look very promising.


The vehicular combat appears fast and aggressive which could bode well for multiplayer modes, whilst other sections feature hand to hand combat and platforming sections.

“In a world where the roads are paved to nowhere, what choices will you make to stay alive?” ask Warner Brothers, perhaps hinting at some sort of morality system.

The game is being developed by Avalanche Studios and is set to launch in 2014 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: YouTube



  1. when you say a glimpse, I believe that to be nearly spot on. I can’t stand these trailers with no gameplay in.

    • don’t know what trailer you are looking at, but there was quite a bit of gameplay in the trailer for a game that has no release date…remember we’ve only just had a gameplay trailer for GTAV and that’s only a few months away…this is at least a year away.

      looks decent so far.

      • Cut scenes are not game play. Game play is the bit when you are controlling the character, of which there is very little in the above.

      • I think part of it was gameplay with a more cinematic camera angle.
        He does have a point with GTA5,though.

      • I’m sorry tuffcub didn’t know you had hands on experience with the game……;)

        there is a lot more gameplay there than you think, yes it is mostly cutscenes, but I’ll go out on a limb and say there’s fighting gameplay as well as car battle gameplay.

        and like I said this is at least a year away…possibly longer…oh and I’d say it’s a teaser rather than a full blown trailer.

      • Yes I did say there is fighting bits, however “Bloke standing in sand looking moody” is not gameplay and that accounts for the first 45 seconds, almost half of the trailer. I’d say the first gameplay starts at 1.14 til 1.18 , then a bit more at 1.28 for a second and that’s about it.

        Its quite easy to spot what isn’t gameplay due to the camera angles – think about Uncharted, the cut scenes have camera angles all over the shop but when gameplay starts the camera swings to behind Drake.

        The game looks great and I’m really looking forward to it – but this is not a gameplay trailer :)

  2. The split second of “gameplay” seems nice.
    The rest of the in-game footage looks promising.

  3. looks Fallout flavoured, with a dash of Twisted Metal, with a bit of Rage sprinkled on top.

    delicious. ^_^

  4. How on earth can they call that a gameplay trailer.

  5. Maybe not gameplay, but it doesn’t look to bad.
    I just hope they make a game that is as good as the films (Thunderdome is up for debate) :)

  6. Its a movie tie-in, that’s usually all that needs to be said, but with the budget (among others) problems of the film its possible WB have reduced the games budget to reel in the total production costs of the franchise.

  7. I’ll lay £10 down on this game showing us all why, after more than 30 years, this is the first real stab at a Mad Max game (there was one in 1990)… Just like Aliens Colonial Marines.

  8. I’m hoping that WB does the “Mad Max” name justice. Probably not though. :p

  9. Bits of that sort of reminded me of the original motorstorm.

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