Sony Ditches Outdated DRM For Movies On PlayStation

Sony has tweaked the way Video Unlimited works, meaning an end to rather outdated, restrictive DRM on downloadable movies.


The video section of the PSN Store now lets users re-download purchases across multiple devices (including the PlayStation Vita) using the cloud – it previously didn’t.

In fact, any purchases should now be visible on the Vita’s download list.

Greg Belloni, senior manager of corporate communications at Sony Network Entertainment confirmed that they did recently “change the service to allow users to re-download video content,” which is nice.

The changes help move Unlimited closer to the services offered by Apple and Amazon.

Video Unlimited was recently announced for PS4.

Via ShackNews.



  1. For clarity, this allows you to delete a purchased movie from your PS3 and then download it again later to re-watch? It is NOT purely a “also get it on the Vita” kind of deal?

    If so, this is a great step forward. One of the main reasons I never used the PS Video Store is that I did not agree with the whole “Buy to Rent” system they had.

    • Yup. A step closer to the iTunes and Amazon style “cloud” of data, which you can access anywhere.

  2. Video Unlimited – now with fewer limitations.

  3. It would be great if Sony could bring this video ps store to Ireland.

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