Original Flashback Will Be Included With The Remake

Ubisoft have announced that the original Flashback will be included with purchases of the new version, which releases on the 21st of August for the Xbox 360.


A making of video, released just now, is above.

The publisher isn’t talking about PS3 and PC versions yet, presumably because of the fact that Flashback will be part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, and thus has an exclusivity window.

Read our hands on with the game here.



  1. i see a trilogy on the horizon.
    another world this and fade to black!
    mmm bring it

    • Fade To Black was, well, kinda awful though.

  2. I was really looking forward to this but I’m unsure whether or not I’ll bother now as this most likely won’t release on PS3 until the end of September atbthe earliest due to Microsoft’s exclusivity deal and I highly doubt I’ll buy anything on PS3 after GTA V (as I already have more games than time to play them).

  3. Looking forward to this. its a shame they didnt work a little more on the characters animations though . is it just me or does the originals animations look a little smoother than this?

    • i think it’s just u mate, as it looks amazingly fluid with new animations as well thrown in for good measure! ;)

  4. Loved MD version (was doing the kinda game on cart i expected from MCD, as a MCD owner), but never had urge to play it again, always seemed a kinda love it, complete it, move on kinda game.

    Fade To Black:Had on Playstation, yes it was frustrating at times, the spaceship stage pointless and i sooo wanted to kick that bloody old coot’s walking stick from out under him on the bloody escort mission (slow down…i’m just an old man-your a bloody boffin, where’s your space age wheelchair etc etc), but i enjoyed at the time, completed it.bet it’s aged awfully now though.

  5. Quite disappointed with the lack of ambition to stick to a stylised HD remake. The decision to make it 3D is so uninspired. Flashback was awesome because its unique and original art style. This to me is lazy, they should have done some crazy rotoscope animation or something. Will probably still buy.

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