Steam Getaway Sale – Day 7

One week of deals. I’ve spent about £35, which is good considering the amount of games I’ve bought. Maybe upgrading my GPU wasn’t such a good idea… anyway, I digress; yesterday’s deals, including Football Manager for £7.49, Alan Wake for just over £2 and Sleeping Dogs for a fiver are still available, but there are a host of new deals too.

On the Daily Deal side of things, you can get Dead Island Riptide for £17.49, Deus Ex: Human Revolution for just £2.24 and Dark Souls, Tropico, GTA IV and Batman: Arkham City for a fiver each.



Flash Sales, which will last for eight hours before updating include LEGO Lord of the Rings for a fiver, Gunpoint for just over £4 and The Walking Dead game is also on sale for just over a fiver in the Community Choice.


I think I’m all burnt out after a week of frantic buying, so there’s not much left for me to buy today. What will you be buying?



  1. Probably going to pick up Tropico 4, just not sure which one to buy. There’s Tropico 4 with the Prima Guide for £4.99, or there’s Tropico 4 with all the DLC for £5.99. I’ve heard people talk about the Modern Times DLC, is it worth it?
    I want to spend as little as possible, so also tempted by Tropico 3 as it’s so cheap.

    What would people recommend?

    • I’m interested in the answer to this too. Thinking of 4 plus all the DLC…. 3 is cheap though!

  2. Anyone who doesn’t own Deus Ex should definitely take the plunge at that price, awesome game.

    • And the sizable DLC is a whopping 74p!

      • Greedy, corporate bastards!


  3. Nothing for me on day #7 but everyday still fills me with that lovely child-like trepidation of “ooo… what’s there for me today!?”. :-)

  4. I’m determined not to spend any more money, unless there’s something that is really, and I mean really, unmissable. Until that happens I’m happy with what I’ve got so far.

  5. I know it was on sale a couple of days ago but today I finished downloading and sank a couple of hours into Trackmania Canyon. Did anyone else get it? I love the endlessly repetitive and puzzle like time trialling in Trackmania, multiplayer is especially brilliant in this one and the user created tracks seem to be much more technical and less crazy than the now massively bloated Nations track pool. Best of all, it plays beautifully on my 4 year old laptop (dans Le Room de Garçon!), its probably really pretty on a decent setup but is very forgiving for those of us a few years behind the curve.

  6. Didn’t pick anything up on this last night. Let’s see what today has to offer….

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