EA Details Battlefield 4 Plot, Characters

Come this Autumn, two rivals will go head to head yet again as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts fight for the FPS throne. This year the stakes have been raised even higher as both EA and Activision look to get a firm hold on the next-gen install base.

In truth, in won’t matter who “wins” whether in terms of critical reception or sales; these are both going to be stellar shooters. Much of the quality, as is always the case, won’t be determined by a compelling singleplayer narrative. However, that hasn’t stopped EA from detailing the plot for Battlefield 4.


The latest DICE shooter is focused on an imminent conflict which could rapidly expand to a global crisis (who’d have thought?) China’s unstable and ripe for the taking. As luck would have it, authoritarian Admiral Chang is planning a coup and, if successful, will no doubt be backed by the Russians if China declares war.

Stuck in the middle of it all is Tombstone Squad, a band of specialists sent to gather intel on the possible Russian defection. Predictably, everything goes tits up and before Tombstone can open their eyes they’re already looking down the barrel of a gun.

It’s interesting enough even if a bit conventional. Hopefully we won’t be darting around the world to different operatives and stick with Tombstone as they brave the roller-coaster journey that awaits.

Whether or not it’ll be “just another war story” or something poignant (ala Spec Ops: The Line) remains to be seen, though we’re hoping for the latter.

To get the full details, head over to EA’s blog.



  1. I just don’t want Omar to die.

    • “the game’s the game, son!”

      • You have just won the Internet and life in general.

  2. I just want more MP info, I hardly touched BF3 single player, because it was very average.

    • I only touched it because I got all online trophies through natural progression of being a BF bad ass and thought I may as well platinum the game lol.

  3. Campaing shooty-shooty is never the core draw for me. Give me endless hours of strategic multiplayer and I’m a happy bunny.
    I hated the BLOPS2 campaign, the way it swayed back and forth between chracters, periods in time and round the world. All it boiled down to in the end was shoot, shoot, shoot.

  4. I’m just hoping it’s a bit longer than BF3’s SP was, I quite enjoyed it but it all ended very quickly.

  5. I wonder how many people would be annoyed if Dice took single player out of the next Battlefield game and then sold the game for £20 as a consequence of that.

    That will probably never happen because Dice don’t want to ignore that audience, and they also want to sell every game at £40, but i’d like to see more developers experimenting with that.

    • It wouldn’t be DICE making the decision, it would be EA. And they want to sell a game for as much as possible and compete with the rest (COD) so this wouldn’t happen.

      • Good point, i’d like to see someone try it though.

    • When it was announced that BF3 would have a story mode I think everybody who was playing BF before Bad Company cringed. Every old school BF fan just wants a massive MP experience so I don’t think too many people would care.

  6. I’m just playing through the campaign on BF3 at the moment as i picked it up on plus,

  7. I find the Campaign on FPS’s are always a good way to become familiar with the controlls in prep for the arse kicking I usually get anyway online.

  8. i guess the ship called Valkyrie is as close as the game will come to having a woman in the campaign.

    • you actually play as a woman in one of the levels in Battlefield 3, and there’s been a Chinese lady in all the ads, it’s quite unfair in my opinion to just jump to the conclusion that its just another sexist cock-fest.

    • I take it you’re being selective, as there’s footage in some of the trailers and the original gameplay footage of an asian female character.

      Let’s not forget BF3’s jet mission.

  9. Beer mat story but wth,just bring on the next gen flashlights already.

  10. Chinese and Russian bad guys? That sounds original.

    It would be nice if we could buy the mp on its own as a digital download, similar to Killzone and Uncharted, except at launch.

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