Steam Getaway Sale – Day 9

It’s getting to that time where we start to see a lot of recurring deals. Today’s daily deals have all been seen before. Metro Last Light, Skyrim Legendary Edition (the one with all the DLC) and GRID 2 all have 40% savings. Civilization 5 is £4.99 which is one of my favourite games on my PC.



The latest Flash Sales might seem a little more tempting. There’s Portal 2, which I’m currently playing through, going for £3.74 and the wonderful Rayman Origins priced at £4.41. Bully is now £2.49 thanks to the community vote.


Will you be buying anything, or do you have everything you want already?



  1. I’ve not bought anything for three days now. I’ve never felt unhappy about -not- spending money before! C’mon Steam, make my day!

  2. Has anyone played Bully? If so, what did you think and what was it like?

    • I’ve played it on the PS2, but that was years ago. Seemed quite good at the time.

      • Bully was awesome back in the day :) dunno if it’d still be as good now though, but I lost many hours to it, hunting for that 1 bloody lawnmowing job for 100% completion!

      • Cheers, guys. I’ve refrained after reading a couple more reviews and what you both had to say. It sounded very different but also it’s aged a bit too.

        Not to worry. Oodles of other goodies on Steam to indulge myself with. :-)

    • Stop faffing around Mike and buy Resident Evil ;) Speaking of that game, there’s someone in Farnborough with the number plate RE51 EVL, saw them today in their overchavved Civic, I wonder if the plates worth anything?

      • I’ve been wanting Resi6 for ages but it’s back up to £13. If it went down to £6.99 I’d be all over it.

      • I’m holding my ground, Ron. :-) Not letting go until I see it come down some more. Might yield on the last day (both it and me). ;-)

  3. Damn you Steam Sale. I promised myself no more, but Civilisation V is too much of a bargain to miss (again).

  4. Is it worth getting Civ 5 considering I’ve just bought Tropico 4 and Total War Rome 2 is only a month and a half away now? Tempted as it’s only a fiver and I know it’s a great game, but if it’s a game that requires a lot of time put into it to get anything out, I don’t see much point.

    • If you’re starting from the very start it takes a lot of hours to win. I tend to cheat and start from a more modern era and blow the crap out of everyone. :P

      • I think I’ll hold off. It will just end up being another game that sits in my Steam library not getting the attention it deserves.

    • When you buy it and play, the first Civ to kill is either Romans or Alexander. Kill them first otherwise in mid game they become billy big balls and keep going to war with you

  5. Well i bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 thinking of buying Star trek but cant decide

  6. I wouldn’t mind Sniper Warrior 2 being put back on again, missed it the first time around and despite the poor reviews I think I’d probably quite enjoy it.

  7. Thank god I missed the Rayman Origins flash sale. I already platinumed the game on PS3 and Vita and I know I would have bought it a third time at that price…

  8. when did Fable 3 get a pc release?

    i thought ms kept it exclusive to the 360.

    • May11, Picked it up in the bargain bin in Gamestation for £5 in Jan. Not a huge fan, but it’s easily worth a fiver!

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