Steam Getaway Sale – Day 10

As the Steam Summer sale enters its final weekend, another batch of Daily Deals and Flash Sales have went up on the Steam Store. It’s very true that a lot of these deals are repeats, but today’s deals include Prison Architect for £13, Worms Revolution for £3 and CounterStrike for £4.



Over on the Flash Sales side of things, there’s Deadpool for £20 and The Pit for £1.75. The current Community Choice is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (which I’ve bought but yet to play) for just under £5, too.


Will you be buying anything more before the sale ends?



  1. Is Saint’s Row The Third worth it for £3.99? (I’ve got £1 in my wallet)

    • I got it on ps+, it’s okay… Funny, but with average gameplay really.

    • Find someone to play co-op with. Very funny in co-op. :-)

    • £3.99 is money well spent on the first mission alone :)

    • I’d recommend it. I thought the main story mode was a bit short but my save file was already 14 hours so I guess it was a case of time flying whilst having fun. Some very funny missions that shouldn’t be missed.

  2. Have been waiting for prison architect to come in the sale and this is probably cheapest am going to see it.

    Awesome news about homeworld getting the HD treatment and also the originals will be getting a digital release. Who needs next gen

  3. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for £3.74 is not bad at all!

    • You’re better off getting AC2 Deluxe Edition for £2.49, that is the best game from the series, they all started going downhill from there. Brotherhood was still enjoyable though, Rome was great and the new brotherhood feature was good.

      • Yeah I heard similar things about ACB, but I already own AC2 on PS3.

      • Ah right, well if you haven’t played Brotherhood before you definitely can’t go wrong at under 4 quid!

  4. I’m wanting to buy an MP game to play, most games in my library are SP, so looking at Natural Selection 2 and the Sonic All Stars Karting game.

    Might hold off until tomorrow though and see if Just Cause 2 wins the Community Choice, that’s meant to have a cracking MP mod.

  5. I bought Metro 2033 (for £2.49!!!) because I recently bought Metro Last Light on PS3, so if I enjoy that I’ll go back and play the original to understand the backstory more!

    • Yeah I bought the original because I was too cheap to buy the new one haha.

      • Haha, but at least you’ll be playing them in order should you then decide to buy Last Light! :)

        It’s a good system…I had Metro 2033 in my wish list and got an email from Steam saying a game I am interested in is on the sale! Would be great if the PS Store did something similar.

  6. I thought I’d got a bargain the other day with Arkham City, but it’s completely ruined with the dreaded stutter problem on my PC! That aside I now have 78 games on Steam and no time to play any of them. Damn Steam, damn Humble Bundle and damn rocksteady for never fixing their bastard game!

  7. Sonic Kart and Civ 5 Gold for me.

  8. What is up with Prison Architect’s pricing strategy? They want select gamers who care about the game, that’s why the price is so high?! And people fall for that, claiming they put over 30 hours into the game and that means it’s worth it. Well people put thousands of hours into Candy Crush. Plus it’s just a management sim, not really breaking new ground, is it?

    • Its not really high price is it. When on normal sale its £17.99 and that is not a high price, now if looked at Planetary Annihilation which is £67.99 that’s high.

      • Yeah, but for an unfinished indie management game (compared to most -bigger- titles) it is pretty high.

  9. Really wish they would drop Borderlands 2 price again…missed it when it was £6 :(

  10. Damn the steam sale is just to good – for all my love of Retail on ps3 etc I have honestly not used my DVD drive on my PC since Christmas.

    If PSN/Live had prices/sales like this i’d say to hell wit retail and coming froma diehard collector that’s praise.

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