Get More For Your Trade-Ins At Amazon This Week


Starting last Friday, prices for video game trade-ins at Amazon have been enhanced. Games such as Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Red Dead Redemption and Saints Row: The Third will net you £20 of Amazon credit. I’m sure these deals won’t be for the standard editions of the game, however. The offer lasts until this Friday.


It’s worth having a look into especially if you’re looking to buy Grand Theft Auto 5, Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond: Two Souls in the future and can’t quite afford the full £40 price tag.

You can head over to the Trade-In Page here.



  1. Great news, I was just thinking yesterday I should trade in the games I don’t want any more. Always use Amazon as they have the best prices.

  2. buy up a load of copies of saints row 3 for about £12-£15 and trade them in to make a profit!

    • saints row 3 only worth £10 trade in. see my post below

  3. Nice, i’ve needed to sell RDR for ages

  4. Just a word of warning, Amazon trade-in are a nightmare to deal with – at least, they were when I sent them some games. Three of my games were “lost in the post” and the other I had to wait ages to get a voucher for.

    • I’ve had no problems with them, I’ve sent them 3 packages (of games) and had the money credited to my account within a few days. Even had condition of game upgraded.

    • I’m with Eldave0, they are terrible for things going missing. Two out of my five trade-ins went AWOL, one out of three of my friends. If you are going to do it you absolutely should pay the extra for a signed delivery (it’s not much).

      First time mine went missing it was OK, they credited my account as a gesture of goodwill. Second time they refused to credit, so I had to get compensation from Royal Mail (I had proof of postage of course). Filled in all the forms, got a letter back saying we won’t compensate, I rang up to ask why, and apparently RM won’t compensate lost items if they are sent Freepost!

      I told Amazon this and after many emails, threats of legal action and going to Watchdog, eventually I got my money back. So to cut a long story short, get a signature!

  5. only 2 games get you £20 according to this page.

    £20 – far cry 3 insane edition and borderlands 2 vault hunter edition

    £15 – GTA 4 complete edition

    £10 – Red dead redemption classics (360) limited edition (ps3) and GOTY, Far cry 3 lost expeditions(ps3) classics (360), borderlands 2, saints row 3 and borderlands GOTY,

    £7.50 – far cry 3, GTA 4 episodes from liberty city, and GTA 4

    £5.00 – Red dead redemption (standard)

    Doesn’t actually look that great a deal to be honest.

    • Not bad for people with special editions but pretty poor otherwise. I’d rather keep the games than trade them in at those prices.

  6. I’d rather go to a Game store, I really don’t get the appeal of sending games to Amazon for trade ins….

    • Game offer to better any trade in deal from other stores by a £1, but get this……it must be a store in the same town or within spitting distance..
      Call me Cynthia but are there any other high street stores that actually do game trade ins? and if so are they just around the corner from Game?
      Must admit though it is simplicity itself to trade in games at a Game store, definately the most user friendly option.

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