Xbox Live Suffering Problems [Update – It’s Fixed]

Please scroll down for the latest updates, as Microsoft seem to have now fixed whatever was wrong.

It appears that some users are having problems with Xbox LIVE with the network suffering glitches for at least the last hour. The latest status message on the Xbox LIVE Service Status page reads:


“Oh no! Some of our members are experiencing a bit of difficulty when they try and sign in to their Xbox LIVE accounts. We’ve got your backs! We’ve got our teams on point and we’re working toward a fix as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for your patience! We’ll have another update for you in 30 minutes!”

Gamers on Twitter are posting that they cannot login and get the message “Error 800705B4” whilst another Tweeter reports “I can sign in to Xbox Live perfectly, but my console freezes when I try to load ANYTHING? What’s up with that?”. Many Xbox owners in the United States are also very miffed that the Netflix app is not working.

Stay tuned for further updates, alternatively watch some telly instead, I hear someone has had a baby.

Update: It’s still broken but now the support team have removed the 30 minute message are only going to report back “as soon as we have more information.”

Update 2: It appears the LIVE forums on have gone in to meltdown and are also no longer working.

Update 3: Microsoft have acknowledged the problem, and appear to be on the case. The forums also appear to be fixed now.

“We’ve got our team engaged and they are working hard to get everything back to normal as expediently as possible. You’re being so patient while we’re working, and we really appreciate you! We’ll update you on our progress as soon as we have more information.”

Update 4: Good news, everyone! The Xbox Support site is now reporting green lights across the board, blinking and flashing happiness and goodwill in all directions, as the XBL team were able to fix whatever it was that was wrong, letting those of you who are still awake get back to your connected and online gaming.

As someone commented below, at least they weren’t silly enough to create a console that always needs an internet connection…

Source: Xbox Support



  1. Just imagine if you had to be online all the time…

    • or if you paid for this, or all the decent services were hidden behind this paywall.

      Idiots and their money are easily parted as they say. Tell them your pay offering is better than someone else’s, and they will be all too keen to convince themselves it’s true, as it justifies their spend.

  2. Ahh, that explains the 15 minute “loading” screen I got when I tried to play Gears tonight, heh.

  3. Unscheduled maintenance? ;)

  4. “we got your back”….. “our guys are on point”

    Wow, they’re really down with the kids aren’t they?

    A customer services team should speak like a customer services team, not pretend they’re you team mate in a deathmatch.

    • Your right. It made me cringe, so corny & patronizing imo.

  5. Well, maybe one of you guys could help me out. I was playing some modern warfare 3 and i randomly froze, so i restarted my xbox and i was disconnected from Live.
    After a while i was able to re connect to live but whenever i start a game it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to load anything.
    BUT. Then i tried disconnecting from xbox live to try and gauge where the problem was coming from and the game worked fine.

    So the problem in having is with Xbox Live. Correct. Anythig helps. Thanks guys

    • apparently it’s been fixed, within the last 10 minutes or so.

  6. i thought one of the bragging right of xbl is that it never goes down?

    • Howay pet, it was offline for four hours…

      If people can’t survive 1/6th of a day away from their consoles then there’s something wrong with the world.

  7. This is what worries me with paying to use my PS4 online. I don’t to pay only for this to happen, I trust Sony not to do this, but with their constant maintenance of PS3 it does worry me.

  8. Funny thing is it only started having these problems when the always online was first announced a while back. Be nice if they actually said what the specific problem was.

  9. A mate of mine told me that his xbox live service was constantly causing problems, spewing adverts all over the place and making it harder every update to find his games. Sounds like they’ve had this problem for a few years and that it’s only likely to get worse.

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