Battlefield 4’s Battlelog Detailed

Battlefield 4’s Battelog system will incorporate smartphones and tablets, allowing players to configure loadouts, check stats and even find servers on the go, as well as being able to use the devices as a second screen as a map with realtime loadout changing.


The video above shows everything in detail, there are some very impressive synchronous features included and it seems to be taking the game one step further, away from the confines of your console or PC.

There are even geo-leaderboards, which uses your location to create leaderboards based on the other people playing in your town or city. Impressive stuff.



  1. See, whenever i hear about stuff like this, i always think to myself whether it’s entirely necessary. I wouldn’t say it was tbh.

    Unfortunately in most cases, its usually pretty much a big fat no, as all you are doing is introducing something else which could go wrong or encounter issues.

    • Sounds great, but really none of this is needed like you say. At least I can search for servers on my phone on the way home on the train lol. Or I could just join my friends when I sign in on my ps4 lol

  2. I’m don’t thing I’ve ever been out and thought *i need to change my loadout on Battlefield*. It’s just another gimmick to me.

    The geo-leaderboards however look awesome.

  3. These extra layers sound very nice but don’t really hold any sway with me. I just want to get my chopper (don’t we all love a well stocked chopper?!) and put it through some tight holes, unloading my weapons all the way.

    • are you one for coming from/in the rear or from the front? I like a bit of both but mainly like coming from the rear, for a nice surprise.

      • If I can get a few mates together then I like a 360 degree approach.

  4. Video removed??

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