Latest Disney Infinity Spotlight Delves Into The Toy Box

At a glance, Disney’s latest foray into the world of video games looks like a quick cash grab for the multimedia giant. Stick dozens of iconic movie characters in one space, flog physical figures bearing their likeness and bam, you’ve already got yourself a nice little earner.

However, unlike it’s leading competitor, Activision’s Skylanders, Disney is paying more attention to the game itself rather than its spread of collectible figures. Having previously developed Cars 2,  Toy Story, and a slew of action platformers, Avalanche Software is cramming as many different game elements into Disney Infinity as possible.


This combination truly manifests itself in Toy Box, a mode in which players can take all their unlocked assets and use them to create their own environments and challenges.

The end result appears to similar to Sony’s LittleBigPlanet albeit much more limited and perhaps easier to approach.