The Server Shutdown Timeline For Disney Infinity Has Been Detailed

A few months ago Disney confirmed it was cancelling its Disney Infinity franchise along with direct development of games, which instead will be handled by licensing franchises out. That announcement led to the closure of Avalanche Software, the developer behind the Disney Infinity games, and now the server and service shutdown timeline has been detailed.

As of today in game purchases have been stopped for the PC, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and Amazon Android devices. This also affects the Steam version of Disney Infinity 2.0, but in game purchase can be made for Disney Infinity 3.0 through Steam. From September 30th  PC, iOS, and Android versions of Disney Infinity will no longer be accessible, with the log in function being disabled and the app being removed from the respective stores. Console and Steam versions will still be playable though online and community features will no longer be accessible.


No new Toy Boxes will be reviewed or approved by the support team after September 30th either for all versions of the game. Any Toy Boxes that are already available to download will be accessible until March 3rd 2017. On that day all support for online and community features will be halted for all platforms. After that day you’ll only be able to play the game offline on console with the official playsets.

Source: NeoGAF

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