The Last Of Us In 60 Seconds

The Last Of Us takes you a good couple of days to play through. But the video above, created by this guy, manages to tell most of the story in a minute.


It’s witty (and outright hysterical in at least one part) and the animation is lovely. Obviously don’t watch if you’ve not completed the game yet, but if you have, it’s definitely worth sixty seconds.



  1. It was fairly amusing, mainly the brief sounds/lines!

    • A bit of a giggle at the obvious place.

      I’d definitely put the text/spoiler above the YouTube embed, though. Just in case. :-)

  2. Lol, that’s awesome. Have been watching a Lets Play on youtube recently but this was far more efficient and pretty funny

  3. Hilarious :) For a walkthrough, I recommend FrankieOnPc1080p, the guys commentary is top notch. (as is, in his day-z vids etc.)

  4. Fingers crossed, ha I love it

  5. I’ll save this one until I’ve completed the game – nearly there, it’s winter.

    • Ha, exactly the same for me! Just reached winter today so saving this until later.

  6. I like it. Cool :-)

  7. I’ve not played it and now I don’t need to, great!

  8. Haha I like it xD

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